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You provided me the exact answer. Thank you very much.
14 years ago
a is the answer.
a Hashtable doesn't allow null values.
b ArrayList is having faster iteration compared to LinkedList
c Insertion and removing elements is faster in LinkedLists than in ArrayLists.
d Searching is faster in HashSet than in TreeSet
f Only Hashtable is threadsafe, HashMap is not threadsafe.
Hi, can any one explain me about "Natural Order" in Collections. I am not able to get the concept of it.

Thanks in advance.
14 years ago
Just I copied the above code and could able to compile and run on java 1.4 without any Exceptions. Got the output as
If you have basic idea about core Java, able to spend 4 hours per day you can do the certification in maximum two months. (at the most)
Please refer the following link. It's for SCJP 1.4

I couldn't find any link for topic wise preparation for SCJP 1.5.
Even though new topics of 1.5 were not covered here, still usefull.
x +=(x += ++x);

As ++x is part of the expression, the value of x will not be modified. When the controller comes to ++x, it evaluates to increment the "VALUE" of x and replaces that value as follows,

x += (x += 1) //if x=0

Hope you got it.