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Recent posts by Prashant Ladha

for a page i.e. if the customer clicks on “Submit” button on a.jsp then clicks on the browsers “BACK” button then we should expiry the page, irrespective if the request was successfully processed or an error page was thrown.

We have added the following code in the a.jsp that seems to work on IE but does not work on Firefox.

response.addHeader("Cache-Control", "no-store");
//response.addHeader("Cache-Control", "no-cache");
response.setHeader("Pragma", "no-cache");
response.setHeader("Expires", "-1");
Can you please suggest what could be wrong in this?
14 years ago

Originally posted by kri shan:
If i use indexOf(), can i find last occurrence of a character or a substring in the invoking string (or) can i use lastIndexOf() ?

yes, with lastIndexOf(String) you would get the last occurrence of that string.
16 years ago
Please mention what kind of error(s) you are getting while compiling the code.
16 years ago
rs.getRow() would return 0.
rs.absolute(rowIndex)) would place your cursor between the last and the first record (assuming rowIndex = rs.getRow()).

Now, since your cursor is between the last and first row i.e. your cursor not there on any row, rs.getInt("columnName"); would throw an SQLException.

May you can try using rs.first() before rs.getRow() and then execute the exact same code again.
I dont think configuring the proxy setting in the eclipse would work.
I think it needs to be done in your java code instead.
Even I am hearing this term "Severance package" for the first time.
After looking up for the meaning of this word, I can to the same defination as Ulf mentioned.

Very few companies in India would be offering this kind of a component in the salary package. I have heard of performance bonus, loyalty bonus, but never heard of severance package.

What the company usually do is that the company would pay one month salary if they are laying off a employee.
16 years ago
You dint mention what type of object these dates are stored in.

But anyways, I could think of this formula which would return you the number of months between two dates.

((YYYY*12)+MM) - ((YYYY*12)+MM)

Do let me know if it works.
16 years ago