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Recent posts by sasank manohar

As an update who ever in future struggle with this kind of situation. I am giving candidate id as I have seen in oracle website a verification form which is asking for the "testing Id" which for sun certification case would be "candidate ID" . This is my understanding I advice you to go to that website and verify yourself .

It is a big story about this . In short a nasscom initiative to get all IT professionals skill set on web.

I have given exam in hyderabad, india. But I said USA because , He was asking the "place of institution"

I have written in caps inorder to highlight the text. anyway I will avoid those.

and i have written sun microsystems/oracle corp because oracle has acquired sun. May be I should put "sun micro systems ", I think that should suffice.

Btw I contacted NSR itself ( upon your advice) , though they have not provided a correct solution , they have given few suggestions. Most probably i will put "reg no"

Thanks for your reply.

Hi I am hoping somebody to answer this. somebody there !?
I am registering for NSR and there I have entered my certification details . I have qualified in scjp and scwcd , so I have entered them but he is asking for roll no's . I could not find the roll no. on certification , so what exactly is my roll no. In my examination score report for both the exams , It has CANDIDATE ID , REGISTRATION NUMBER, SITE NUMBER , SERIES, so I feel like REGISTRATION NUMBER could be the rollnumber. Am i correct? please clarify my doubt


please tell me what to enter for "Place" and "rollno" . I have entered place as "USA", Is it correct or is it SWEDEN ? what to enter for roll no.?

for board/university/institute I have entered "SUN MICROSYSTEMS/ORACLE CORP" , Is it okay ?

BTW what is SITE NUMBER AND CANDIDATE ID AND PURPOSE OF THESE NUMBERS ? which of these numbers I can give as ref to outside verifying agencies?

please help me. Its urgent and important for me. Thanks .
sorry ulf, i was a little anxious. thanks a lot for the reply.
12 years ago
so no answer then !! huh...thanks for all those who actually read this thread atleast.thanks a lot
12 years ago

I know that in google maps javascript api( version 3.3 is what all i care about) , if we give latitude and longitude then we can get the location. But our database tables don't provide latitude and longitudes. One of the tables consist of "Address" column , so i need to find the location on google maps with the help of address provided . how can i do that??

If i pass address as a parameter to the java function i should be able to find the location on google maps, is it possible?

or can i atleast find the latitudes and longitudes of the location if i pass address as a parameter to the function. thanks .

12 years ago
finally it works for me and for those who might step in here sometime, i will tell how it worked.

1. i removed ognl-3.0.jar,struts2-core-,xwork-core- and added ognl-2.6.11.jar,
2.kept index.jsp outside of WEB-INF and "in" the parent directory of WEB-INF

so it is basically version compatibility of jars and right directory structure . i didnot use commons-fileupload and commons-io jars for this simple example.

13 years ago
thanks jayr,
i will try this and mostly add few other things and experiment with the expression and come back to you if necessary.

I want a regular expression for a string (or name)which allows lowercase,uppercase letters and spaces. but it should not start with space.

i tried this i thought as perfect initially but later found that when i give a space and submit , it is successfully taking it. so the point is that the beginning letter should not be a space. also give me some links where i can find loads of already built regular expressions. thanks.

thanks shashank. webpage
I am getting the the above error in the console. also i just added namespace attribute like this but it didnot work

i am using commons-fileupload, commons-io jars in addition to that mentioned in the link.
13 years ago
I have written a sample app and trying to deploy and run with the help of build.xml . I could see the project in tomcat homepage but in stop mode. when i type url for my project like http://localhost:8080/Sample/ , the browser says resource not found. I'm unable get where i am going wrong.







I should tell you that i don't have much knowledge about build.xml but it's cleaning thing for me and starting the server. I just picked up the code from somewhere and name as "Sample" in <project> tag and rest of the occurrences.

i am using windows server 2008 os . Also i am manually deleting the Sample.jar file in "tomcatHome/webapps" as my build file is not removing it with clean command . Thanks.
13 years ago
Thanks ran that makes a lot of sense for me. thanks a lot.
Also please give the links if we have some good articles especially which suggests the differences .Thanks.