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Recent posts by Kishore Dandu

I have been mandated to start using JBuilder at my client(since they have not updated their internal standards for IDE for many years). My main concern is if JBuilder has any traction and any releases that will keep it up to date.

Any feedback on the above question is appreciated.

Ernest Friedman-Hill wrote:Channel zed, mostly. We're lucky to find a rare soccer game as a fill-in when there's no D-list celebrity dance-a-thon going on anywhere in the country.

Where in USA is this channel Zed is telecast?? I don't think any leading dish or cable companies carry it.
14 years ago

Anybody know which channel the Champions League Soccer is being shown in the United States.

14 years ago
I am aware of and

Does people in US follow any other used car sales sites??
14 years ago
I am looking for a commerce engine(with built-in cart type of components). We did look at 'IBM Commmerce engine' and 'ATG' but they are either very expensive or come with only basic common features and need extensive customizations to achieve anything worthwhile.

Please post on any open-source commerce engines that have gained traction lately.
15 years ago
You can buy Morgan Stanley, just kidding.
15 years ago
If i have a string with both numeric and alpha characters, how do i copy only the numeric values in to a new string from original(using regex)?
15 years ago
I started using Eclipse provided JVM and it started working like a charm. I am not understanding the logic behind that.
I am using a JDBC type4 driver from IBM for DB2, connecting to DB2 on the mainframe.

I am having issues with encoding and i believe it has to do with telling the driver to use specific encoding. Let me know if any one has some idea how to set this property to the driver.

Originally posted by John Todd:
Is it possible to use Java DB with Spring application?

Do you mean JDBC, yes there are bean definitions through which you can use your JDBC operations.

Can you elaborate your question.

Originally posted by Jeanne Boyarsky:
With solution 1, how would you know the e-mail was sent? By updating the status column again?

Same with solutions 2&3 also, they are not any different(except that you can configure jms to do a little of that)

Originally posted by Laxmi Raghu:
Well .... to give more about the requirements, below are the ones:

5. Creation and management of social groups

8. Upload images/ videos and tag them
9. Share media (files/images/videos) among the members of a social group
11. Inviting friends

Thanks in advance.

For the sake of above requirements, i would suggest looking into a Content Management system(at least a open source one) and think about offloading the image hosting or videos to a CDN(like Akamai)
I have a stand alone program that loads application context and then fetches the jdbctemplate using datasource defined in the context file in the main program.

I do have other DAO classes defined in the application context, but when they are called i am not able to get access to the Jdbctemplate, unless i pass it into them.

Here is my example config for the DAO does say it is 'datasource' driven:
<bean id="requestData" class="com.x.y.z.dao.RequestDAO">
<property name="dataSource" ref="dataSource" />

Do i need to make the DAOs applicationcontext aware or something similar??
[ August 14, 2008: Message edited by: Kishore Dandu ]

Originally posted by Frank Silbermann:
They should hold most events in the middle of the night so that viewers can watch them on live television. Don't the Chinese realize that they live on the other side of the world?

haha that was funny.
15 years ago
At least opening ceremonies should have been shown live(and then a recorded one on the prime time)

I pity myself looking at the photos on and cursing nbc and who ever responsible for this.
15 years ago