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Recent posts by Varshini Priya

Thanks Tim, for the below response.  Im in the process of performing tomcat hardening and as part of it.  I do not want our application to display tomcat version details etc at the time of error.  Hence wanted the application to pick up the custom error pages. Even after including the  initial '/' in the resource path, Im unable to get the desired output. The application is not navigating to the error page.html.  In other words, where do I need to place the resource i.e. the error.html  page once I provided the path in the web.xml.

Can you also let me know the path in tomcat where the default error page exists ?

1 year ago
Hi All,

We were trying to incorporate custom error pages for tomcat since server error exposes version details. We have followed some online article and tried to create a general error page and configured in the web.xml. Below is the code that I have included in the tomcat web.xml file

I placed the errorPage.htm inside $tomcat/webapps/$application. When deploying the above, tomcat is unable to display the errorPage.htm configured above in case of 404 exception.

Im able to access the errorPage.htm by navigating to http://localhost:8080/$application/errorPage.htm. But when there is 404 error, it does not return the custom error page configured in the web.xml. I even changed the above configuration to

But still nothing worked. Can you please let me know to fix the same.
Can you help to identify where are the default error pages located in tomcat and how can we fix the above.
Any help on this is much appreciated
1 year ago
Hi - Yes I want the request object to be available in the DB.  Even if there is any failure of microservice before processing the response.
3 years ago
Need some clarifications on the best practises that needs to be followed while updating data into the DB in a spring microservices based webapplication


We have a webapplication, in which when the user sends request from the UI, for processing the request, at the backend the request goes to a microservice and we have to update the request and response objects in a particular table in the database. I wanted to know the right approach for updating the data in the databse. Below are my queries.
  • Should we insert the request Object as soon as we receive it in the microservices or
  • Should we process the request and after the processing, once we receive the response, should we do a single insert to the database with both request and response Object to avoid multiple DB calls.

  • Please Advise.
    Any help on this is much appreciated. Thanks in Advance.
    3 years ago
    Hi Team,

    Im trying to run a jUnit test case and I get the below Spring error message. Error loading the application context.
    Though the application works fine. Only execution of jUnit test case shows issues.

    The project is a maven project and it works fine. I have issue while executing the test case.From the excepetion I have got, it looks likes there is an issue in loading the entityManagerFactory bean, in the spring-jpa.xml. Below is the Spring-jpa.xml file that is being used.


    Im not sure about the reason for the error any help on this issue is much appreciated. Thanks in advance
    6 years ago
    Hi Team,

    I have deployed a war file in tomcat and trying to login to the application. When I try to login to the application,I have updated the database details and the application is able to connect to the db fine. Once the user click on the login button, the control is taken to the servlet page. The request from the servlet does not contain the details specified by the user(i.e username/password). The request data is not being passed to the servlet and it throws the below NullPointer Error. The application got deployed fine and all the files/folders are generated fine. Im getting the below error.

    When I try to debug the code via eclipse, Im getting the below error

    Im not sure on the reason for the above error. Any help on this is much appreciated.
    6 years ago

    We have an issue in setting up the svn. Our svn machine got crashed and we have got the backup of our svn. We have a new machine now and installed svn server. I would like to know how to go about in integerating my old svn contents with the new one. In the new machine, I have set up the svn server and have created a sample repository to test the same. It seems to be working fine. I have copied the old repository data to the new machine and once i start the svn server, Im able to view the contents of the old svn as well. However, I would require help in the following things

    1. How to integerate the old svn contents with the new one.I tried to copy the contents of the old svn to the svn repository, but im unable to view the contents of the same.
    2. I would like to know how to create the url for others to access from other machine. The old svn repository has got certain user permission set up and I would like to know how to setup/integerate the same in the new svn.

    We are using Collabnet subversion server(1.8 in the new m/c. the older m/c had was running on collabnet server 1.5) and tortoise svn client to view the contents of the server. This is installed in a windows machine.

    Any help on this is much appreciated. Thanks
    Thanks for the response all. The emails are like always like this

    In the above case, the delimiter is 'AND'. I tried using pattern matcher. But this also dosent seem to work
    8 years ago
    I need help in splitting two email address which are seperated by a Delimiter 'AND'. I have issue when splitting, when the email address has got the characters'AND' in the email id. For eg, if the email address that needs to be split is something like the below.

    '', and the delimiter is'AND'

    There are no whitespaces between the two email address and the delimiter 'AND'.In the above case, there seems to be three items extracted instead of two. Can someone please help me solve this. Thanks in Advance
    8 years ago
    Hi Jasper,

    Thanks for the detailed response. I have two queries

    1. Can you please let me know how to increase the max Perm gen size without knowing the max perm Gen size being used by the running application. Is there any command that I need to execute to see what is the current max Perm Gen size that is actually used by my application. Before inserting a new value ?

    2. As I specified earlier, the application which Im trying to run is an eclipse base application and I tried to include the below value in the myapplication.INI file included " --launcher.XXMaxPermSize = 512m" . But it doesn't seem to help much. Since my application hangs.. and gets closed abruptly .

    Can you please let me know the way as how to execute my application via command prompt after by changing the max perm gen size.
    8 years ago

    Im currently doing dynamic memory analysis, for our eclipse based application using jprobe.After starting the eclipse application and jprobe, when I try to profile the eclipse application by integerating it with jprobe, the eclipse application gets closed abruptly causing a Fatal error. A fatal error log file is generated. In the Fatal error log file, I could see that the PermGen space seems to be full. Below is a sample Heap summary which I got in the log file

    I tried to increase the permGen space, using the command -XX:MaxPermSize=512m. But that doesnt seem to work. I would like to know how to increase the PermGen size via command prompt. I would like to know if I have to go to the java location in my computer and execute the above command or should I increase the PermGen space specifically for the eclipse application or Jprobe ? Please advise.

    Any help on this is much appreciated.
    8 years ago
    Im using jprobe to profile my java application.The java application that Im trying to profile is an eclipse based application. we have created multiple projects for the application to deliver various features. When we build the application, the application is exported as a product and we receive a .exe file. I would like to know how to profile a .exe file using jprobe. Since from the help documents, I could see that the jar file will be used for profiling the application. But in our case the application is an exe file.

    Any help on this is much appreciated
    8 years ago
    Im running an eclipse application in my machine. I have two queries

    1. I would like to know how to check the default heap size that the jvm is using to run the application.Im using a windows machine to run the java application. I tried to check the default heap size by the following way
    ControlPanel--->Programs--->JavaSetting--> JavaTab -->View Button ---> JavaRuntimeEnvironment settings window ---> Userstab --> Value under RuntimeParameters

    But in my system, there is no runtime parameters defined. Is there a command that I can execute via command prompt to check the default heap size in my machine.

    2. How to increase the heap size parameter and run the eclipse plugin application from command prompt. For eg: To increase the heap size and execute the jar file we use the below command java -Xms64m -jar MyApp.jar. I would like to know how to set heap parameters and execute my java application which is an exe file. I tried to execute use the below command, but the command prompt doesnot recognise the command
    java -Xms512m iepsd.exe

    Where iepsd.exe is my java application.
    8 years ago
    Hi Maneesh,

    Thanks for the response. I have the plugins available with me. I would like to know the plugins that are required for installing jprobe. I have checked the documentation that you specified. But the name of the plugins that needs to be installed in eclipse is not specified there. Would like to know the same. Thanks
    We are currently doing performance and memory analysis for our application. We are using jProbe 9.5 to perform this analysis. Can you please provide me the steps to install the jprobe plugins for eclipse. I searched in google but could not get a good link which provides steps to install the jprobe plugin in eclipse and do the analysis. Also I would like to get some feedback on using jprobe. Because while running the sample application, I found that the analysis seems to be tricky and really time consuming.

    Any help on this is much appreciated. Thanks