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Recent posts by Chiranjeevi Kanthraj

I have the tables as in the screenshot above

Class are written as below

Note not added getter and setters

and test code as below

I am getting the below exception

i came to know i should have the 2 attributes in FilterAttribute class to hold the composite key.. But how can we do that?
i used JSDT for writing the javascript code. in eclipse i have created JavaScript project and

I have a dynamic web project where i am running and debugging through eclipse, i need to reference the java script project in dynamic web project,

Like adding another java project in build path, not able to add the javascript project

How can i do that..

any other way to do this.. Please help me

Hi all

i am learning hibernate and spring
i have made a one-to-one mapping for Employee and Address tables,

where Employee and Address are different entity as below

and the Address as below

And the JSP as below

Sorry i dont know how to format the JSP

Problem is if submit only the employee related data works fine
if i add the address details in the JSP and submit it throws exception

org.springframework.beans.NotReadablePropertyException: Invalid property 'streetaddress' of bean class [com.employee.entity.EmployeeEntity]: Bean property 'streetaddress' is not readable or has an invalid getter method: Does the return type of the getter match the parameter type of the setter?
at org.springframework.beans.BeanWrapperImpl.getPropertyValue(
at org.springframework.beans.BeanWrapperImpl.getPropertyValue(

How to fix this.. which setter need to add in JSP
10 years ago
Hi all

I need a idea for getting map data from other browser window.

my use case as below:
1: User click on the link which open the map in new tab or new window.
2: user will mark the point on the map.
3: I need to get that point and other details in the first tab or window.

API for getting data from the map is provided by the google MAP
But how to get the map object which is in the different window.

Please suggest how i can achive this

if you have same name for the both input tags we get only only the first value.

i suggest give different name for input tags
10 years ago
Can you tell me which parameter is having more then one value?

add the code snipet will be helpfull
10 years ago
Hi all

i want to develop an application which is based on the eclipse platform.
can i sell this application?

i spend some time to read the legal doc.. license doc.. from

not able to understand.. because its for legal advisor..
can any one help me understand.


11 years ago
Hi all

Need help on JGroups communication message with Encryption
like how to configure the JGroups to enable encryption.
and what all the thing we have to consider to enable.

11 years ago
We can configure these ports and range of the ports for each Protocol which are given in the xml file inside the jar
Hi all

i have the url /jsp/ is giving the 403 error, but i need to redirect this to 404
but /jsp/xyz.jsp should work

How can i do this?

11 years ago

I want to know which are the ports used by the JGroups for multicasting.

Where to find? if i do netstat it shows all the port used by the java.exe and in our application we have more then 15 ports open.

Please help me to find. the exact port which are used by the jgroups.
is that read from any config files? or if it take dynamicaly how can i confirm that the port is used by jgroups

if you are using eclipse, then just Ctrl+Click on the Class from your Code, which will show the jar
11 years ago

Sorry for that.

i was checking Static code check for Security Problems

I have found that i am useing the method

Which is changed to diffrent name.

For the 2nd error

This API is from JDK so we need not to fix.

So problem solved
11 years ago
Hi all

I have to fix some 2 fortify errors
1. Password management

i am reading username and passowrd from the Object and keeping in Property file.
it is giving error


2. Missued Authentication

Where strIPAddress is argument to this method.
11 years ago