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Recent posts by Sagar Rohankar

PyCharm is good IDE for Python, but If you're looking for *lightweight* option then VS Code with Python extension is good editor. You could easily get started here.
5 years ago

I just want to know if its possible to run mongo server with some default username and password?
7 years ago
Thanks a ton to authors and Ranch! Got it at right time when I'm just starting with Clojure.
7 years ago
Hi Authors,

Just wondering for the OO fanatic like me, does Clojure in Action explains the FP fundamentals along the way or is it kind of pre-requisite?

Thanks and welcome to ranch!
7 years ago
Hello Simon,

How lean is MEAN?

Can I easily change the MEAN stack? Can I replace AngularJS with another JS library? same with other components? Do you see any benefits in doing it?

PS: I've lil experience with NodeJS and Express, please correct if my question sound stupid
Have you tried adding event listener to image, like

Thanks Authors for your time and patience!

Andrius Gasto wrote:
An entry in the table looks like this:

<td bgcolor="#f4f4f4">
<td bgcolor="#f4f4f4">

What do you mean by "entry in database"? Is the whole TD is coming from DB? If yes, then solution is not stright-forwward (ASAIK)

If you're using JSP, then try JSTL fmt

And welcome to JavaRanch
Hi Authors,

Nodes js is always advertised as single-threaded, supporting event loop JS executor. I am wondering how it internally handle the event loops as each event callback execute independently of others.
I am asking this question because I really want to know what he is doing after stepping down as node lead? Any idea authors?
Node has thousands of libraries and all this can be found at
NPM - Node Packaged Module, think them like Jar for any Java projects and can be installed like npm install {module}
What great news on Sunday morning!

Thanks coderanch and Lasse Koskela, looking forward to reading your book.
10 years ago