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Recent posts by Chih-Wei Lee

The new rule said you have to take part 3 essay exam before sending your part 2 assignment.
To Ryan:
My first email is sent via Gmail account and
second email is sent via my school email account.
Yes, my wait is finally over.
I feel they start taking care of this certification business recently.
I haven't got any email from Oracle but I think the certification database is more official.
In my case,
I took essay exam on 4/21.
I submitted my assignment on 4/22.
I then sent many emails to ask them if they got my assignment but no response from them.
I submitted my assignment again on 5/12.
I received a email from them said they got my assignment on 5/17.
I checked Sun Certification Database and found I am certified in SCEA on 5/18.

It's almost one month to get result.
Once your assignment is sent to an assessor, the progress will be very fast.
I think it only takes one day for an assessor to grade my assignment.

Finally, I saw the history updated said I am certified in SCEA.
Thanks for everyone in this forum. Thanks for everyone's help to let me finally make it.
Hope everyone learns something though this exam.
Congratulations !!!
Finally, I received a email from said they got my assignment and
my assignment has been sent to assessor to grade.
I would suggest anyone who is still waiting for your result and not sure if they got your assignment just sent your assignment again and
use another email account (better use non-commercial account).
In my case, I used Gmail account to send them my assignment on 4/21 and never got any response even I sent a bunch of emails to ask them the status.
So last week I used my another account, which is a school email account to send them my assignment again and today I got a email from them.
I doubt they never received my email sent via Gmail account.

So don't just wait! If you are not sure whether they got your assignment, just try to sent it again via a different email account.
Also make sure you got a reply from them within two weeks after you sent your assignment.
Hi Ajit:
But what's the difference between sending email to by yourself and by a CSR?
Is the email sent from a CSR easier to get response?

Today, I try to send them a bunch of emails using different email account.
I got a Auto-Reply email said it takes 7 business day to get response and they got a high volume of emails every day.
The weird thing is I don't get this auto-reply email before or every email I sent to them.
I guess, just guess they have some kind of filters to filter out some emails so maybe our emails aren't even read by their CSRs.
So it seems this approach doesn't work any more.
I worry I will never get my grading result.
It's totally waste of money and time.
So far, I don't see any future from the merger of these two companies.
Why don't they just keep the old Sun system and put the new system online only
you make sure there is no such funny thing happened?
Did you say you want to speak to a certificate manager?
Someone told me to call this number 1.800.529.0165 to ask for speaking to their certificate manager and explain your situation.
Maybe you can try this.
If I don't get result within 6 weeks, I will try this approach as well.
So if you try it, please tell me if it works or not.

The only thing you can do is waiting .. keep waiting..
Even you send them a email to ask anything about your SCEA exam, no one responses
I am in the same situation with you. I email assignment and took essay exam on 4/21.
Sending a email to ask them if they received my assigment on 4/22 and it has been 2 weeks past.
I haven't got any response.