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Recent posts by Vamshi Jampala

Hello Struts2 Gurus/Experts

I have a select tag with as an attribute, What I am tring to achive is -

2 should be a subscript to O.

I can use the key attribute and make it get from the properties file.

Is there any other way to achive this ? (using the label attribute)

Thanks for you time
10 years ago
Dojo plugin is deprecated The Dojo plugin will be deprecated on Struts 2.1

What does this mean ? Are they going for jQuery plugin or they are moving dojo jar to struts2 core.
10 years ago

I want it to leave a blank if there is no value. I saw there was an issue open for this label key issue, whts the latest on that ?
10 years ago
Hi There!

Found out that using key attribute is very effective way of coding .
But when you use it with s:label and there is no value set for that property its printing tha label again

in properties file

and if you have

Then the out put of that tag is

but if there is no value

Then the out put of that tag is


I tried to play with the label.ftl but dint have any luck, if you have any thoughts please help me.

Thanks for your time
10 years ago
Based on my experience
Usually commas appear if you are using the same "name" attribute for multiple fields, cross check that
10 years ago

Ankit Garg wrote:

Vamshi Jampala wrote:

Its better generally if you explain your problem a little more clearly than using emoticons which don't fit the situation.

I neeeed categoryIdentifier value passed in to the action as category

I can't understand what you mean by this. Right now all that I can see is that you are generating multiple select boxes which have 4 elements each and have a different name. Now do you want to update the value of the div to the selected element in the select box?? There are multiple select boxes so whose value do you want to set to the div?? I can't see your s:iterator tag ending, where does it end?? If it ends after the div tag, then you'll have multiple divs with the same id, so you can't operate on them using javascript. And what about the s:url tag that you've used. Do you want to update its value to?? The s:url and s:param tag will be evaluated on the server side, so changing the value of the select box won't change the value of the s:param tag. Also you can use the var attribute to simplify your select tag. Right now it looks like
but you can use the var attribute of the s:iterator tag as

2) the iterator tag is ending after div
3) The answer as in how can i tranfer the value of category , Use formId="form" so all the form values will be available for the action class.
4)No, i dont want to update the url

Will make sure that i use var instead of the whole path.

I think I am doing it in a complicated way, do you know any easy way of doing this ?

Thanks for your time and interest.
10 years ago
May be i am doing it the wrong way, all i need is

Based on the selection of a drop down the number of iterations are decided. How can I achive that ? Any Thoughts ?
10 years ago

David Newton wrote:Yeah, if they're not strings, shouldn't be quoted. And if they *are* strings, see:

OGNL : Another interesting thing

Note: For any of the tags that use lists (select probably being the most ubiquitous), which uses the OGNL list
notation (see the "months" example above), it should be noted that the map key created (in the months example,
the '01', '02', etc.) is typed. '1' is a char, '01' is a String, "1" is a String. This is important since if
the value returned by your "value" attribute is NOT the same type as the key in the "list" attribute, they
WILL NOT MATCH, even though their String values may be equivalent. If they don't match, nothing in your list
will be auto-selected.
10 years ago
I have a div which should update it self when the selected field is changed

10 years ago

got rid of '' for 1 and 2 and it works
10 years ago
I know how to do it in action class, could you please explain me as in how to do it in OGNL.Thanks for your time David
10 years ago

There is some thing wrong with the S:IF which I am not aware of, please let me know if you know what is wrong here.

Thank you for your time
10 years ago
I know may be a stupid question but still, can we use s:if tag in another struts2 tag ?

10 years ago
There was some problem in the plugin and its resolved now by the owner of the plugin
10 years ago
Created a new "test tab" with local tabs(non Ajax)
This is the code in testtab

Attached is how it looks, but then

are being displayed on all the other tabs at the bottom

I am not able to figure out why is this happening, May be I am missing some thing here, please let me know if you know what I am missing.

Thanks for your time
10 years ago