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How do you solve this problem? I have the same problem now.

Thank you

NagarajGoud uppala wrote:Hi,
Douglas Boff Nandi congratulations
can you tell which mock exams your are done?? it will helpful

Hi NagarajGoud !

I did Whizlabs and Masterexam!! I did and review all the questions.

Thank you for all and good luck!
13 years ago
Hi NagarajGoud !

I did Whizlabs and Masterexam!! I did and review all the questions.

Thank you for all and good luck!
13 years ago
Hi all! It was not easy.

I work with Java a long time, but recently I returned my focus to the certification.

Some tips for all, based on my experience:

It took from me about 2 months, 3h day. Note: some days I studied 1h and in another I studied 10h..

First off all, read all the book KB and do the exercises. It took me about 5 weeks.

Second: review the book and do the exercises again Do not use the answers that you have did. 2 weeks

And the last: do mock exams until get 80%, I did 4 mocks, its took 3h each to do and more 2h to review all questions (both answered correctly and incorrectly) (1 week)

I sugest you to take notes with "post-its", this will help you to memorize somethings and help you to keep focused. Place post-its in your car, pc, bedroom.. etc! Write a question in the front and the answers in the back.

And the additional: I am not fluent in English, I attempted to take notes in post-its of keywords that I see on mocks and in the book, and it worked! You can try this too if you need.

and Good luck!

It is a pleasure sharing my experience with all of you
13 years ago
Thank you! Now its clear for me.
Given the following code:

Why the output is
The code uses compareTo to define if a key already exists in the map? Can anyone explain this? Thank you all
Now I understand. Thank you!
Which collection class(es) allows you to grow or shrink its size and provides indexed access to its elements, but whose methods are not synchronized?
A. java.util.HashSet
B. java.util.LinkedHashSet
C. java.util.List
D. java.util.ArrayList
E. java.util.Vector
F. java.util.PriorityQueue

Answer: only D

I think the B is a correct answer too.

From Java API:LinkedHashSet: This linked list defines the iteration ordering, which is the order in which elements were inserted into the set.
In others hands, maybe you need to maintain the blank strings, in order to keep the index of cells, like the following code:

Thank you
Hi Leonard

You need to consider the blank results between the digits. To consider the delimeter one set of digits, use an operator like +

Consider the following:

The output is
> <
> wq<

I m sorry.. its a problem caused because I am not so good with English language! Im from Brazil and I speak portuguese here.

I only asked to you if my reasoning is correctly.

Don't worry, Of course you helped me!
Hi Ruben Soto

I understood the PriorityQueue is a sorted collection. And TreeSet are sorted collection too.

But the difference is in the implementation of iterator method,
used implicitly in for-each by the compiler.

I'm sure? Thank you Ruben Soto
Yeah! Its clear for me now!

Thank you Vijitha Kumara
Hi all

I understand because the TreeSet return an sorted result. But I dont understand the result given by an iteraction with PriorityQueue. Can anyone help me with this.. please take the example:

This code give the following outputs:

I understood the first line of output, because its from a sorted set (TreeSet). But how about the second output (from PriorityQueue)? Can anyone help me?

Thank you all.