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Farbod H Foomany

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Recent posts by Farbod H Foomany

Just quick notes. AgroUML and StarUML are good choices among others. But be careful, as long as I knew, AgroUML didn't have undo functionality. StarUML does not support UNICODE in the notes and names. Again as far as my experience goes.
Among the free tools, Jdeveloper 10g and 11g from Oracle, provide very good UML tools with none of the above problems and they are free. They can also be used for code generation and have several other features.
Hope it helped.
I hadn't heard about TOGAF and Archimate. I googled a little and they seem to me to be very much reliant on specific modeling techniques. But are there other Java EE certificates that measure the knowledge of common tools and frameworks?
Very good question.
I don't have the answer and I am interested in it too. I need an architect certification and not necessarily Oracle something.
I looked into Microsoft architect, path, and it is too long and bumpy. You should get Master and before that take many other exams.
I know about IBM SOA, IEEE certifications and Object Management Group certifications.
Are there a set of non-microsoft, non-oracle certifications that take us there?
I use LDAP APIs to connect to OID. examples are here:

The connection is established using:

When I create a user, and when I need to communicate a password, I would like the connection to be secure. How can establish an SSL connection in this scheme?

11 years ago
Finally! Good, but why so many average or bad reviews?
He is a memeber here, so you can send him a private message clicking on one of his posts for example here:

or email him. But I really wonder why you think it is illegal to save the pages even use them with reference...
The website is a very good resource but according to him the material covers 10% of the exam objectives.

Take care
I think this topic should be discussed periodically so I brought it up again. This is my question too, and I remember that Cameron was going to publish his masterpiece!

Incidentally there is a new book on J2EE:
Guide to J2EE: Enterprise Java (Springer Professional Computing)
(John Hunt 2008)
that I couldn't find in but it is available in the UK.

I didnt find any review on the newer version.

I read some chapters of EJB in action a few months ago, and it really reads well. Though you would rather read this book in bed sometimes, as it tells stories, and explains things as they are science! But a really good book. A pity I haven't found time to read it through.
Cameron, How is your book on SCEA doing?
[ August 01, 2008: Message edited by: Farbod H Foomany ]
GOF is not easy to read and follow, and I remember that Erich Gamma, admitted that you can't really learn patterns from book. Same story for all the chapters I have seen from SCEA books, Paul Allen's and Mark Cade's.

I am wondering why such a precious book is not discussed as it is worth:

I really recommend this book. I can't say anything bad about it.

Are these easy questions? I don't think I know the answer to some of them
I should thank my part:-) I sent the information via email yesterday.
Astute Wishes and Infiltrated Thanks!
Thank you all. I learnt a lot from your answers.

Being an architect is good, if you have your team and resources. And if you have acceptance and credibility among the team. The other thing I always think about, and I think it is true about management, is that you should have credibility and I suspect that you can have credibility unless you know the job. So I think despite all the things said about the difference between architecture and development, I reckon that the path to architecture is through development, and you have to continuously update yourself. I see many people in the workplace who lose their credibility as leaders by losing their knowledge about details of the process.
Yes, J2EE patterns are part of the new exam and they weren't examined in the old SCEA. Just GoF patterns...

If you want a brief but useful overview of the J2EE patterns take a look at this: