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Hi, I'm newbie in reactive world.
A question: ho do you experience integration between (micro)services implemented using reactive streams with (legacy?) services that don't? Or if you implement your own service using reactive but including third-party libs that don't ?
2 years ago
Hi Simon,
does your book focus on good practices for an specific language (Java e.g.) or is it a general approach regarding both architecture and programming?
8 years ago
This happens when classes belonging to the same package are loaded from different JAR files, and those JAR files have signatures signed with different certificates or, perhaps more often, at least one is signed and one or more others are not. This includes classes loaded from directories.

Copied from answer in Stackoverflow
9 years ago
I've quick read through the table of contents. Don't you think these are required skills for any role in a team?
10 years ago
set JAVA_HOME="C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_01" and PATH=%PATH%;%JAVA_HOME%\bin
and don't forget to also set CLASSPATH=.;%JAVA_HOME%\lib (at least)
10 years ago
Simple example: (missing import statements)

13 years ago
having a reference to the EntityManager, and the id mapped as primary key:

As you're using the SINGLE_TABLE stategy, all properties of all super- and subclasses are mapped into the same table (c_c), instances are distinguished by the 'discriminator' column.

About inheritance mapping

Edited to add the URL
[ July 25, 2008: Message edited by: Rodrigo Lopes ]
Maybe you could show more details...
Are you using anything specific from TopLink, which is not from the specs?
Are there any error messages? Show to us.
Have you tried with left (outer) join?

Maybe you can use an approach simmilar to this to handle this situation.

You can make the nullSafeGet method to check if the enum value is defined.
[ July 24, 2008: Message edited by: Rodrigo Lopes ]
I've worked on a project where we used MySQL in the development environment and Oracle in production.
In another project, the client decided to change from MS-SQL to Oracle.
The "validate" option will check if your mapping is consistent with your database. If not, it throws an error.
The "update" option will check if your mapping is consistent with your database. If not, it will update your database to make it consistent to your mapping.

Verify where the childid field is defined and check if it's mapped accordingly to you database.
Take a look at this

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