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Recent posts by Susmita Pal

I think you should just cut out the whole Tomcat4.1 folder to C:\Tomcat.... and set the classpath as c:\tomcat4.1\common\lib\servlet.jar
17 years ago
Thanks a lot. I have done in 2001. Which are books you consulted?
Is anyone java 1.2 certified is eligible to give SCWCD exam, or is it must one has to take the java 1.4 certification before appearing for SCWCD exam.
I am new to XML, just starting from scratch XML
I am confused regarding the passing percentage of the xml exam.
in I got the following info

IBM Certified Developer - XML and Related Technologies, V1 (Test 140)
Exam Details :
Exam Number : 140
Number of Questions : 74
Score needed to pass : 50%
Correct Answers needed to pass : 37
Duration : 90 minutes

where as in some other sites it says total questions 57 or 59
I am planning to prepare for xml certification.
I want to know which is the best book for it, and want to confirm the isbn no. of the xml professional.
Professional XML
ISBN: 1861005059
Please any body let me know if every body is talking for the above book.
Thanks in adv,
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java�2 Platform.
I am planning to prepare for XML cert. It will be great if anybody gives the ISBN no's of the most useful books for XML certification.
My javac is not working. I unistalled all and again did fresh installation then also it is giving the following error. If any body can help it will be great.
Error at command prompt:

An EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION exception has been detected in native code outside
the VM.
Program counter=0x78012449
21 years ago
Hi friends,
I have a request.If any body is appearing for Sun's Certification I have voucher extra it will be great if any body can use it before Jan 2002.
When we import a java.awt.*; all the class files and sub files of the packages are supposed to be imported.
Then why do we need to import java.awt.event.*; specifically for event handling.
Thanks in advance
21 years ago
I have done java programming in windows machine. I would like to have guidence for java in unix.
I have a unix machine, with apache and found javac in /usr/bin/javac
Now where do I write my java program(can i use vi editor)?
I would really appreciate if any body can help me in the basics(java in unix).
Thanks in adv.
21 years ago
This is a great site of having Java friends.
Thanks once again.
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java� 2 Platform
21 years ago
I passed the exam today. I would like to develop an application.
Is there any site where I can get some guidence on application development.
Thanks in Advance.
Thanks to all .
Today morning I passed the exam, though not a very good percentage.
But I had only one RHE book and all the good tips of JavaRanchers.
Special thanks to Jane Griscti whose tips were great!
21 years ago
Do we need to study
paint, repaint ...
and bitset for the exam purpose ?