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Recent posts by MrShahid khan

i have these is separate files
package xyz;
public class SClass{


package abc;
public class PClass {
they are in the same bin directory
SClass compiles ok but when i compile the PClass it gives the error of import package not found
tell me how to import a package
i do not have classpath set ; is it compulsory for this
what should i set this to
i have tried by putting the class file in the classes folder
of jdk but this still does not work
tell me what to do
Alex is right
u cannot execute non-static synchronized methods simultaneouly for the same object
whereas for the static sync methods since they are assoiciated with the class they cannot be executed for the class simultaneoulsy
what is an "adaptive" test
The course outline on sun has no mention of swing .
did u get any ques on swing components ?
will it be right safe not to concentrateon JFC swing but on the awt package inspite of the fact that much of the present day graphical work is being done with swing components
secondly what sort pf ques did u get about awt and i/o
i am preparing from Moughal's book
i am reading ivor hortons book as well
since ivor horton's book contains a lot than the course
so i am using moughal's book as a sort of textbook to find what i should leave from ivor horton's book like jdbc etc
what i want to know is that does Moughal's book cover all topics
are there any topics that are not listed in moughal but are covered in the exam
Secondly : the topic of " adding sound and animation" is it covered in the exam
the course listing on sun site is just an outline and it has no mention of swing
does this mean that all things relating to swing are out
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i have been hearing from friends about some Re-Certification of SCJP plan being but forth by sun .
please explain if anyone knows about it
what is the purpose ?
is everyone supposed to take it ?
sun is offering this from 31 july , as far as i know
can i take the beta test
is a beta test offered everywhere on-line
i live in lhr , pakistan is there is no java one here
so can i still take the beta tests
can any body please guide me
come'on everyone be cool
its mothing to make a whole debate about
the site is good - congrats rahim
it has some flaws - he says he will amend it - ok lets give him the time
best of luck
( rahim after so mauch of favour i deserve a special previldge on your site :-)
"Why should I have to implement the MouseListener (for instance) and provide stub implementations for 5 methods when the only one I care about is MouseClick? Why can't I just write my own MouseClick method in my class and have it perform the same function?"

well if only need the mouse click event why do'r u use the adapter classes
they are ther exaxctly for the purpose u r saying

[This message has been edited by MrShahid khan (edited July 13, 2001).]
interfaces dont allow u to declare protected methods
and after implemeting u have to follow the signature
so implemetation has to have all those methods and the derived classes cannot restrict visibility
so that means that if u have a number of classes with a lot in common who have proteceted visibilty u can never define the coomon protected members that in the intrface
a great setback
so what is the whole idea of restricting the interface to only public stuff??
can anyone recommend a good book on learning Good Object orientred programming and UML and all thesr good OOP principles using java

i have read that deitel book and i dont find it real
good if u want to learn java . he is too much obsesed with swing and it makes even the code in the beginning too long
takin your attention off the real stuff and learning
Ivor Horton book is good
i am using the Ivor Horton book on java ( beginning Java 2 Jdk1.3)
how is it
which is the R&H book everyone is talking about here
i am also using the book by Moughal