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Recent posts by Sanket Modi

i want to make an application using jee 5 technologies. i want to use jsp or jsf, web services, ejb 3 and mysql. i am using netbeans 6.5 ide. i am able to create sample applications for these technologies separately. i have created application of jsp. jsf. web services, ejb. but i cant combine them all together. anyone can explain me how to do? is there any tutorial available for this? i have learned from some sites.
hi all ranchers,
i cleared scjp 5 with 77%..
i answered 56 correctly. i am very much thankful to this community and all ranchers who helped me to solve my doubts. and special thanks to ben, advising me to do lots and lots coding...that really worked for me.
thank you...
16 years ago
static method can not be inherited rather it can be accessible in its subclass. it is a MEMBER of the superclass. here in the example it is 'public', so it is accessible to its subclass. it is like a MEMBER of the subclass, but actually it is coming from its superclass.
got it?
i have seen in this forum that, when you take exam some questions are being asked to the candidate, regarding their comfortability about java.
i want to know is this true? do they ask any kind of questions other than 72 exam questions? is it going to effect our exam?
and one more thing, when we go to take exam all we need to take our id proofs (passports ...) and voucher. right?
i suggest, for fundamentals you must read head first java. you will learn very well and easily.
well. in india you can buy vouchers from any NIIT center. i bought from there, at ahmedabad.
thnks. i understood.
i was confused with F3...
Look to this code:
class Titanic {
public static void main(String[] args) {
Boolean bl = true;
boolean b2 = false;
boolean b3 = true;
if((bl & b2) | (b2 & b3) & b3)
System.out.print("alpha ");
if((bl = false) | (b1 & b3) | (bl | b2))
System.out.print("beta "};

What is the result?
A. beta
B. alpha
C. alpha beta
D. Compilation fails.
E. No output is produced.

Can anyone explain me this code? I dont understand the reason given in the answer.

An exception is thrown at runtime.
Can anyone explain me this code?

1. class Comp2 {
2. public static void main(String[] args) {
3. float f1 = 2.3f;
4. float[][] f2 = {{42.Of}, {l.7f, 2.3f}, {2.6f, 2.7f}};
5. float[] f3 = {2.7f};
6. Long x = 42L;
7. // insert code here
8. System.out.println("true");
9. }
10. }

And the following five code fragments:

F1. if (f1 == f2)
F2. if (f1 == f2[2][1])
F3. if (x == f2[0][0])
F4. if (f1 == f2 [1,1] )
F5. if (f3 == f2 [2] )

What is true?

A. One of them will compile, only one will be true.

B. Two of them will compile, only one will be true.

C. Two of them will compile, two will be true.

D. Three of them will compile, only one will be true.

E. Three of them will compile, exactly two will be true.

F. Three of them will compile, exactly three will be true.

the answer is D
but i dont understand the reason given in the answer.
please explain...
thanks for your reply. this links shows the total no of questions on the exam. i want to know, is there any information about no of questions per objective? i.e. how many questions would be there related to threads, generics and collections, etc.
thank you.
yes, i want to know the no of questions per objective(in the real exam), to be prepared for the final exam. i am planning to take exam in next week.
hello ranchers,
I am preparing for scjp 5. i am planning to take exam on 17 th april. Can anyone tell, in the real exam, how many questions are there per objective or questions per chapter of the K&B book?
thank you.
hi, other than the simulators you mentioned is javabeats.
but i think whizlab is more than enough.
i am also in a search for this. can anyone tell, what is the latest news regarding this topic?
thanks for advice.
actually now i am reading more carefully. In the chapter 8 i got 9 correct out of 12. so i think i have to concentrate more.
thanks again.