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vasu maj

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Recent posts by vasu maj

I am asked to create a web service in rest. A class on my local machine which will call a class in server which will invoke a bat file which will create a text file on my local machine which when opened reads " Success".

I have no prior bakground in Web Services. I request some guidance. Thanks in advance.
6 years ago
I had registered for Cattle Drive long time ago ( 2001). I have never submitted any assignments but would like to do now. Is it allowed, given the long gap ( almost a generation).
8 years ago
Nice Name for the IDE !
1. Eclipse supports plugins of all sorts. How does CodeEnvy compare?
2. Since Cloud based , what are the security issues that developers need to know?
3. It is mentioned that it is free for public projects. If I am going to develop a commercial application, I need to pay? The trend has been more open source these days. If yes, what makes it special so I pay for it?
4. What kind of support is available for questions / concerns / bugs? Established IDEs are well tested and there are forums, many developers who can answer questions in forums etc.

Why is not appearing in the forums....
11 years ago
Good morning friends !

When I tried to run a junit test class, I am getting an error ..

Could not create Java Virtual Machine.

Did anyone of you get this error before and do you have a suggestion to resolve this..

Appreciate your help guys...


11 years ago
My problem is how do I create the collection objects on the fly as I do not know how many I get.
I need to fill them with a collection of subunits, each of the subunit going to the unit that it belongs to ( it has a field called unitId).

So if I lood through the subunits in a switch as suggested, how do I know where to send them ( which collection? What should be the name).
If I want to call the collections as unit1Collection or UnitsOne or something similar where do I give them the names. I tried to use a String object and append it the name of the unit in the loop but it is not compiling...

Like in the for loop of unitDTOs...

List<UnitDTO> new String("Unit").append(unitId) = new someList...

11 years ago
I hope not to see all book shops closed in the near future
I love spending my time at book shops and libraries.
Wolfgang books in Phoenixville PA is one of the book shops that I visit often and buy from them even if they are pricier than Amazon, just to support them.
They do book readings by authors once in a while, offer coffee and snacks and a nice place to just sit and relax with a book. It is a beautiful energy.. and they are not Borders or Barnes and Noble kind of chain shope where everyone is an employee and they just don't care.

Also second hand books often have a personality of their own. You can see from the underlines and sometimes comments and the names.. They provide a richer experience than the freshly printed ones.

My two cents for whatever it is worth !

11 years ago
I get the UnitDTOs and SubUnitDTOs come from resultset from a database call.
Unit class doesn't encompass SubUnit class but they are diff classes. Something like a buidling and room.

Thanks very much for your time.
11 years ago
Thanks, I thought of this but I do not know how many units and subsunits are coming. I do not know how to name the collections dynamically and then populate them.

I tried naming the collections with the unit name in the for loop but I didn't quite get how to do it.

11 years ago
I receive two collections - units and subunits.
Units contain one or more of subunits.
Each SubUnit has a unitId to which it belongs to.

I need to paint them like

Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit3

SubUnit1 SubUnit1 Subunit1
SubUnit2 SubUnit2

How do I loop through the subunit collection and put them in appropriate collections of units and then do the paiting as above?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

11 years ago
I have been in PA, USA for 7 years now and would like to move.

Criteria :

US or any other developed country.
Decent livelihood for an average java programmer
Democracy and freedom of expression
You should not be considered mad if you want to bicycle / walk to work.
More country than city.
Your neighbor knows that you are his neighbor.

Many thanks.
15 years ago
I use bookpool for technical books
15 years ago
Happy deepavali to all !
15 years ago
Around $55 on C-C basis. $50 on W2 is the current trend.
15 years ago
If only all south and north act so mature like you two.

Peace to all.
15 years ago