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Recent posts by Niala Nirell

No problem it was just a little joke.

More seriously, yesterday I read this post : in the well known coding horror blog
and the author is saying that if a candidate for a job doesn't know any of the coders in the book he won't be hired in is company. I found
this pretty extreme.
11 years ago
14 of last 25 topics are about Coders at work

can I contribute to this flooding?
11 years ago
thanks, your comments are valuable for me
11 years ago
Thank you Chris Creed for your answer,

what are the hot place to work in computer science in Canada?
Is there some kind of silicon valley who concentrate a lot of IT companies?
11 years ago

How is the job market in Canada? More especially in Montreal?
I'm looking for a position in software engineering.

11 years ago
Someone have used this framework? It's based on google guice and I found it very elegant.
do you suggest to pass SCDBCD even for someone who doesn't work with EJB 3.0?

Does it help to be a better programmer?
Why there are so few interest for SCDJWS comparing to the other exams? There are only 6662 messages.

SCDJWS : 6662 messages
SCBCD : 29988 messages
SCEA : 36477 messages
SCWCD : 67228 messages

The exam is too difficult? The exam doesn't match the real needs in the industry? Web Services are out of date?

Maybe SCDJWS is too much focusing in SOAP architecture and it exists an easier alternative which is REST architecture?

Please help me understand the lack of interest for SCDJWS
Thank you,

To sum up :

HttpSessionActivationListener and HttpSessionBindingListener do not need to be declared. Objects implenting those will be automatically notified.

There is an error in the book saying that only HttpSessionBindingListener do not need to be declare in the DD
Another question.

do I need to configure the DD to use a HttpSessionActivationListener?
oh, I have the response I guess

request parameter it's when you submit a form. you don't declare it in the DD
I have a doc where it written that parameters can be bound to context, request and servlet. It is also said that parameters are only read from DD.

I would like to know how to declare a parameter for a request in the DD. Is that possible?
[ November 02, 2008: Message edited by: Alain Sellerin ]

On page 264 of Head First Servlet & JSP (2nd edition) for HttpSessionActivationListener it is said that it is usually implemented by An attribute class and Some other class

page 263 there is an example of HttpSessionActivationListener implemented by an attribute class. What could be an example with some other class?

Is there any typo problem? should An attribute class and Some other class both checked?

Thank you
Hi Ranchers,

I have a question for people already SCWCD certified. I would like to know if the difficulty of the Java Ranch mock exam is similar to the exam or if it's easier or more difficult.

I found it quite easy and it's surprised me when I remember the difficulty of SCJD
Is there a difference between scope=request and scope=page in Standard Action?

one request can be used with several JSP with RequestDispatcher.include(), so scope=request is wider than scope=page for me