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Recent posts by jawa lal

where can i find the Axel's long post ,
You can send me notes for best practices at
thanks in advance..
I failed by just 2% .... I got exactly 55%...I lost lot of marks in WSAD...since I mostly use SUN FORTE. Can you suggest me some good material on WSAD....
Also what books did you study for best practices or if you have any links for best practices pls let me know...
Can you tell me what books did you study EJB ...and weblogic...Can how tell how much time did you really spend on preparetion of these...
SCEA is time consuming the best certificate would be IBM-486...and the websphere/weblogic is too much into tools
It looks like IT industry is saturated...We are doing certification without any carrier advantagous. I feel we must start going back to university ....shift from IT...IT industry is no more good for any one...we must do MBA may be.........
It all depends on where you are staying.. i mean india , usa...
I have seen objective of websphere, uml or SCEA . Best way to do is complete Websphere & UML from IBM first than move to SCEA. If you take the other way you will be in real trouble. SCEA is tough & takes lot of time. Besided completeing UML & websphere exam itself is enough to give recognition.
About XML ... it still not very good . I would expect some one comes out with certification based on JAXP or Web Services using Java API.
The 157 exam is for IDE (intergrated development environment)
The 158 is for the Application server exam.
Note : IBM now has made Websphere a comman brand name for many of it products like VisualAge will now be part of Websphere family..
I am studing EJB2.0 from Ed Roman. Do you thing this create confusion for the exam.
Also what are books for websphere??? I am reading the complete ref...
thanks in advance...
I am studing EJB2.0 from Ed Roman. Do you thing this create confusion for the exam.
Also what is book are there for websphere???
thanks in advance...
I think, we are in same boat. i am also prepareing for the same certifications.
From Marketing point ....
Websphere is to impress non-technical who think websphere is greatest & latest after seeing all those ads on mags ....
UML certification will help you impress the Architects...
Let me tell u main aim is to improve my market value i am 4 year experiance in J2EE & Web.
I have completed SCJP2 & SCWCD-J2EE.
I am want to talk up an ceritifcation which would complement my other certifications.
These are my choice which do would most of you recommend.
1) IBM 's XML Cert (141)
2) IBM 's Websphere app server.
3) IBM's or jCert 's Enterprise connectivity for J2EE..
if you feel some others cert. would be better let me know.....
Thanks in advance....
Jawahar lal
I have point to make , if local variable are referanceing some common object, i.e if two variable point to same object, than it may not be Thread safe
18 years ago