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Recent posts by Shruthi Karthick

Thank you all...
API knowledge is must. Try to remember all the methods.. I got a question in API method which i(many) thought is not important at all...

Got 65% in final mock... but i took it when i completed the book once.
If you are appearing for the exam take the test before two days or so.. Dont take it without preparing completely (I did that mistake..)
Dear Ranchers,
First of all I thank all the ranchers for their support...This is such a nice forum for beginners...

As everyone says HFSJ is Bible... I have Servlet Experience-0 and very little JSP experience...It took a month for me to read HFSJ(such a nice book)twice..refered API and specification docs.. other than this i took Java Ranch mock and examulator free tests...

Marc thanks for your design pattern notes(scored 100 % )...

Note : If you are preparing for SCWCD don miss even a line from HFSJ. Its very important..
can you explain how the answer is BBUBUB
can someone explain me how the answer is BBUBUB?
If attribute key is already present in the session and if we call setAttribute on the same "key" is that equivalent to " removeAttribute(oldvalue) + setAttribute(new value)?
Pls clarify me..
i have a tag file named Header.tag in /WEB-INF/tags/Booking folder.
Instead of specifying tagdir attribute in taglib directive if i do folowing steps wil the tag file be invoked?
1) Put <tag-file> elment with <name> and <path> elements in TLD.
2)tagdir attribute is removed and proper uri(as mentioned) is used in taglib directive in JSP.(tag files are not in jar.its in /WEB-INF/tags/Booking folder only)
[ April 06, 2008: Message edited by: Shruthi Karthick ]
is there any method named getServletContext in HttpSession interface?
I couldn,t fing one.. refered in folowing link
i hav read in spec that for c:redirect same rewriting rules are applicable as of c:url..
does it mean c:redirect also does the functionality of URL rewriting for redirect request?
what are jstl tags used for URL rewriting?
me too asumed the same..
Thanks swapna..
Both the methods are called during servlet initialization only.

init(servletConfig) is called first.
init() is called from within init(servletConfig).
We can override init() for putting our own servlet initialization code.
It will be great if someone could clear this doubt..
If I specify body-content of simple tag as "tagdependent" , then everything inside body of tag is considered as template text.

For eg : use of ${param.userName} in the body will de dispalyed as ${param.userName} in the response.
What about scripting code? If I write "<%= alSize %>"(alSize is already declared in the JSP.) in the body of the Tag what will be the output?
I executed in Tomcat. For scripting code , nothing is printes in the response.

My Understanding :

${param.userName} in the body ---> is evaluated as template text.
<%= alSize %> in the body ---> is ignored

Is this correct?
I used reserved prefix in my code.

<%@ taglib prefix = "sun" uri = "Collection" %>
<sun:menu> Simple Menu </sun:menu>

It doesn't throw any error.Page is evaluated and i got desired result also.
I tried with java,servlet, prefix also. Everything is working fine.

Uasage of reserved prefix is restricted right?
If so how does my code evaluates?