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JSTL libraries comes with Tomcat, just look for the .jar files.
11 years ago

prathap venkata naga yelugula wrote:
Hi All,

is It not Worthy?


I don't understand, why it's showing the amount in Rupees?

Prashant Purkar wrote:Hi ,

When choosing between thick client and Web based client, what are the limitation a web based client can have?

Presumably UI is not very complex for both clients.
With web based client one can not access local file system.

Are there any other limitation in the same line


Are you assuming that the web application have certain security limitations?

Víctor García wrote:
The web service don't have persistence, with the web service the application communicate with an external system. I don't manage transactions with the web service, because i think that there isn't a really standar tecnology to work with transactions in web service, is this correct?

My doubt is that the dao is to decouple the tecnology and code for communication with a system from services, but i think that using Jax-Rpc the service only have to call to an interface and therefore i don't need a dao, what doy you think about this?

Thanks for your answers, and sorry for my english.

Looks like this is a service layer to me, because you are using an external service. I would think interms of service layer pattern. Like somebody mentioned here, proxy will be a good choice.

Saurabh Deshpande wrote:Hey Guru
my experience on DP was more on for basics
but found the suns j2ee design patterns catalog a more comprehensive study guide
it explains problems faced that each DP resolved...
the exams targets that.. they give you a problem and expect you to find the correct DP for its solution. It is not that easily frankly if you just study dofactory.

There is a typo on the link, here is the correct link
Congratulations! Thank you for detailed explanation about your experience and links to the material.
I saw messages regarding assumptions doc of different lengths of 2 to 28. It's all upto you how many assumptions you have during the design.
The purpose of the assignment is how an architect designs a system with vague requirements, misleading use cases. Because of this reason SUN is asking for assumptions doc, otherwise they would have asked just provide us class diagram, sequence/activity diagrams and Component diagram.

Keep in mind, you solution should just meet the requirements. They look for the approach of the solution rather than the solution itself.

Good luck.
[ April 18, 2007: Message edited by: Sreenivasa Majji ]
In the assignment look closely for the sentence "login use case will be executed", if there is one then create a sequence diagram otherwise mention this use in assumptions.
I saw people submitting their assignment with SRXXXXX instead of SSN. I believe SRXXXXX is just fine.
A component is an entity which can be used either indepedently or part of a bigger process. Typically a component does some kind of process/service which requires more than one class. If you think in that prespective you will know the difference.

For example, credit card authorization requires more than one class and can be used in part of bigger process such as reservation system.
Excellent score and very good explanation on the approach.
I don't think Entity Beans disappered from EJB3.0
Please have a look at
There is not much change in Entity Beans between EJB 2.1 and 3.0, however you can still use Entity beans in EJB3.0 Please read EJB3.0 specification or Mastering EJB 3.0 (free book).