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Recent posts by vaibhav srivastava

I am willing go for a XML certification. Can any one suggest me which certification add more value to my resume and more acceptable or acknowledged in IT industry.
Thanks Reza,

Your suggestion made my voyage through EJB little bit easier. Now I can concentrate on EJB3 without fear of not having knowledge of previuos version.
Hello Friend, I am typically new to EJB concept.
Please suggest me, is there any need to have EJB2 knowledge before starting EJB3 or I can directly dive into EJB3.
Thanks Kumar for clearing my doubt....better I will prepare for SCBCD before SCDWJS.
I typically new to web Services and want to give SCDJWS but I am bit confused that for giving this exam ,if I need to have any knowledge of EJB or any other Business components as I am very much new to EJB also. Please help to clarify my doubt so that I can prepare accordingly.

Please do guide us regarding the preparations you have made and the mock exams you have taken inorder to achieve this top score.Also it would be helpful if you could specify the total duration of your study for the SCWCD 1.5 examination

Regarding my preparation I have gone through Head first twice and tried to do all examples on system. The overall Time taken by me to Prepare for exam was 2 months.Apart from Head first I had gone through:

1)Book by Hanumanth Deshmukh
2)And apart from attempting Mock test given in Head first I have given few Mock tests from the link given below.

Best of luck for your Exam

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13 years ago
Cleared SCWCD1.5.....Thanks for all the help given by JavaRanch.

HFJS is really Good enough to pass the exam, ofcourse need some practice of sample codes.
13 years ago
Can any one please tell me how to convert Date from Hijiri calendar to Gregorian Calendar..
If possible give some code too.
13 years ago
I have to give scwcd within 10-12 days and I have have completed HFSJ 2nd edition and going through book by Hanumanth(Manning).
I want to know is it necessary to go through specs. for servlets and jsp or the material I am reading is enough to pass the exam.
Please help me.

You can put correctly entered values in the response before forwarding.

Can you please tell how to put these things in response as setting or adding to response Header doesn't work.
Can you show me a demo code for this??
13 years ago
I have developed this much code:



how to make that client dont have to re-enter the value they have given before
13 years ago
I have done till generation of Error page which have same Html form like structure saying that something you have missed to fill in the form..

But I stuck ...How to persist that values which the client have provided in the first HTML form i.e. how to make that the client don't have to re-write the values they already provided.
13 years ago
Please help me to solve the last part of the problem..

Make a �registration� form that collects a first name, last name, and email address. Send the data to a servlet that displays it.If the user fails to supply a value for any of the fields in the form, you should redisplay the form but with an error message saying that the value is missing.

Don�t make the user re-enter values that they�ve entered already.
13 years ago
Yes the error shown includes :

Root cause of error:
Unable to find a javac compiler; is not on the classpath.
Perhaps JAVA_HOME does not point to the JDK

No idea what to do???
Yes Tomcat had been started and the error is shown on the console

The JSp file is placed in the WebContent Folder of the Dynamic web project in eclipse.
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