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Recent posts by Balaji Loganathan

I wish to see some responses for this post.
13 years ago
jQuery UI. We simply like it.
I am interested in giving my feedback as well.

Mag Wells wrote:Hi,
We are located at different geographical locations.

I would recommend then.
We have used it and found it really cool.
If you can afford some $ then I also found useful for distributed team.
Also my kind suggestion is:
Please try to assess yourself what skills you got and what you are good at. Build up your profile and try to work on your core skills with proper goals. The jobs will follow you then.

It won't simply work if you work towards whats HOT in market now.
14 years ago

Angela D'souza wrote:As Everything is being outsource to India, as all IT big companies opening center in India and so many engineers are going back to India , WHAT WILL BE HOT IT JOB MARKET IN USA THEN?

Wake up.
Simply speaking, everything cannot be outsourced to India.

Please do proper analysis.
14 years ago
Did you traced at console?
What request parameters you see?
14 years ago
+1 for jQuery
14 years ago
I once tried it. Ruby 32 bit installer does work on 64bit Windows 7. (it was core i5 processor if you wonder).
14 years ago
Hi Adrian,
You can also try Pivotal tracker (not open source) that was appreciated by Jeff Sutherland
Balaji D Loganathan
Hi Manish,
The job location is in Chennai, would that suit you?
14 years ago
We are looking for Java developers with 3-4 years of experience in Alfresco and Java.
Skills: JBoss Application Server, Hibernat/IBatis, Alfresco, MySQL, Struts 2, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, XML/XSLT, Spring, experience in SSO and Integration, Eclipse, Cruise Control, Maven, Subversion, Jira.

Good salary package. Possible on-site opportunity.
Agile Scrum/XP based working conditions.

Please contact
Thank you
Balaji D Loganathan
Spritle Software Private Limited.

14 years ago
Hi Sanjay,
Could you please give more information about your problem.?
Please see
Thank you.
14 years ago