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Recent posts by Bobby Sharma

No, I get the error on the upper side of the browser.. The metacafe video screen just goes white-blank and this error shows up. It seems like the video is there on the server but not playing for some weird unknown reason.

8 years ago
System info : HP Pavilion Laptop with windows 8.1 OS

Some videos on metacafe won't play, it just gives me this error : "This Video cannot be played on this device." I also used proxies to get the videos playing but not help.
Tried playing these videos with the same error :

Would you please check if you are having the same problem or is just me?
8 years ago
OK, I think I got it.
I need to learn Linear algebra, co-ordinates geometry and trigonometry to fully understand what Affine transformation is. Sorry, I should have been little patient before asking questions.
Hi, I need to know what maths are required to completely understand Affine transformation and Linear transformation. I don't come from math background and I need to get a good grasp of Java 2D graphics functions.

I watched some youtube videos, explaining the subject but could not understand them, on the top of that , the symbols and graphs in the videos were absolutely alien to me.
Yes, Fred.. I already kinda guessed 2D game programming requires a good math foundation. The more math you know, the better. I will start with co-ordinate geometry and then move to geometry and trigonometry.
8 years ago
Hi, I want to develop basic 2D games in Java but I have no knowledge of maths. I always sucked at maths even in high school. Would you please tell me about the maths required for 2D java games ?
I know addition,subtraction, multiplication, division, percentage, basic set theory (union, intersection), addition and subtraction of matrices only.
8 years ago
Play Cricket.
8 years ago

Maneesh Godbole wrote:I wish someone invents a noise cancellation shut all the ^%^*% in office who can't seem to understand other people are working. If nothing else, husbands would be interested in it.

8 years ago

Martin Vajsar wrote:
I must admit that I know precisely nothing about marriage in India, but isn't the basic principle of arranged marriage that the bride and groom don't get more or less any say in the entire process?

No nothing like that, traditionally they get many chances to talk to each other frankly. They can interview once another, go for a date, ask wedding related questions etc. Whether it's urban or rural area, if the family is open-minded, they allow their bride and groom to get acquainted with each other before marriage. Modernized arranged marriages are somewhat like a business transaction :P please visit some Indian matrimony sites at your free time , you will get to know what I meant.
8 years ago
I can't understand why the bride didn't ask the math question before the wedding ? Considering she walked out marriage and none were able to persuade her to marry the groom, She had full right to ask the groom the questions of her desires before the ceremony.

Arranged marriages must be planned effectively so that one can avoid such laughable incidents. In a proper arranged marriage, groom and bride are given a chance to get to know each other adequately. In such dates, they can question one another about their hobbies, dislikes, education and past love affairs(if any).
8 years ago
In India, You can not pass some universities' M.A english exams without reading Shakespeare.
8 years ago
I know IT professionals are into caffeine but also I would like to know if they practice Vegetarian or Vegan way of life ? I know some IT people who are animal activists and vegans. How many Vegans/Vegetarians we have in this forum ? And how many are about to turn Vegetarian/Vegan ? I have no intention to start a debate over this topic. I am just curious to know.

##no offense to meat-eaters##

8 years ago
Thank You Very Much, Everyone.
8 years ago

Lucetta Pryor wrote:I have been teasing my brother about his thinning hair, but I think he is starting to feel bad about it and I feel baaaadddd about giving him a hard time about it. Is this really something that men get offended about? Now, I have to make it up to him. Any ideas? other than buying him a bottle of Jack Daniels?

I guess your brother is unmarried that's why he is getting offended. Men believe girls like thick hair boys or thick hair boys looks more attractive.
8 years ago