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Recent posts by Claude Cundiff

Hello everyone,

I understand the high level concept of connection pooling. What I'm trying to get is a more detailed understanding. In particular, suppose I were to write my own connection pool (in Java of course;) ) . I understand the notion of caching the connections. What i'm not getting is this:

If I have code that calls the connection pooling object or objects, then won't all those connections be created at the time the Connection Pool object is being created (assuming it does this when the constructor runs).

I would think you would have to have a Connection pooling "Server" situation where the Connection pool Object(s) are listening for a connection request. If this is the case, when speaking of creating a connection pool, am I really talking about implementing a special kind of server?

I hope that makes sense.

Hello everyone,

I'm having a time with SQL Server 2008. If only they'd let me use MySQL

So, using the example right from Microsoft , I have tried to get a sample database "s" to connect.

I know that it works on my machine because I'm running SQL Server Management Studio and that's where I created the database "s".

When I log into SQL Server Management Studio, I do something like this:

Server name: SomeServerName
Authentication: Windows Authentication
User name: (not enabled) computerName\name
Password: (not enabled) nothing_just_whitespace

So, with that, I try to connect using JDBC by using the following connection string:

In which case, I get

- I've tried it without "Windows Authentication" but with a user and have also left both out. Neither case works.

Again, I appreciate your help.

I'm trying to figure out what would be different on that one computer versus the others. It's not obvious where I should start. I'm not using an ODBC driver, so, I don't think it would be related to that.

I wonder if it could be a firewall issue?

I have written a simple application w/a Swing Interface that queries an IBM database DB2. I attempted to deploy it on several other computers. However, it only worked on one other computer. By "worked" I mean I actually got results from the database. In all cases, the interface successfully appeared.

All the computers are running Windows XP Professional. I used Net Beans IDE.

I am truly stumped.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks everyone! Your responses are greatly appreciated!
11 years ago
Hello everyone,

I have a database of intraday stocks prices (open, high, low, close, etc.). The database is rather large. There are millions of lines. Here are some questions:
1.) Is it even possible to store ALL of these in an ArrayList AND if so, would that even be a good idea?
2.) Am I correct in saying that querying the database will take more time than retrieving it from an ArrayList?
3.) Given that the ArrayList will not hold all of the data, how could I Optimally alternate between loading an ArrayList and Querying the database?

11 years ago
Thanks! We shall see what happens...
11 years ago
See that's the thing. No one else has a clue as to what I'm doing. I'm the only programmer there. I'm not working in the IT department.

Technically, my title is Business Analyst. But, it's really a programming posistion. I'm using this position to get programming experience.

Thus, I have only myself to determine if I'm doing things right.

Also, as you pointed out, I know no one here has the time to go through hundreds of lines of code. But, I guess any feedback I could get would be great.

11 years ago
Hello everyone,

I'm working on my first "real" project. I'm in a unique situation where I am basically calling the shots on the whole project. I'm doing the design, the coding, everything.

This of course, is a double edged sword. On one hand, I have trememdous freedom, while on the other, it's quite possible that my code is not all that great.

I'd like to get some blunt, honest feedback on what I'm writing - as long as it's constructive;)

Would this be welcomed here?

11 years ago

This article I found suggests the same.

Thanks for your help.
11 years ago
Hello everyone,

Here is a description of the problem:
_Multiple desktops with access to a shared drive
_Users need to be able to submit information to a MySQL database on the shared drive
_A Java program will then extract information from the database and send automatic emails via the JEE Mail API

My main concern is concurrency, I'll obvisouly have mutiple users inserting data into the tables.

Any thoughts?

I appreciate it!
11 years ago
What operating system are you using?

Suppose you are trying to run a "Hello World" program. After you write this, simply type and save it that way.

Are you typing in statements in a text file and saving them as a .bat file?

11 years ago
Unfortunetly, I tried contacting them with no luck. Our company doesn't have any agreements with NetManage.

...we shall see what happens.
11 years ago
Again, I do apologize for my ignorance.

The terminal emulator is RUMBA. When I go to
C:\Program Files\NetManage\Rumba\System\ScriptEngine,

I see

Does this help?
11 years ago
It looks like the scripting langauge is Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)...
11 years ago