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Recent posts by Thandapani Saravanan


Probably you are only one in recent times! great score!

BTW, did you find the "SOA Compass" book useful?

I am starting to map the test objectives with the available materials.

I wonder how you guys managed materials for objectives in:

Section 2 - SOA Assessment and Analysis
Section 4 - SOA Implementation

I appreciate your advice in this.

Thanks a lot.
I also have similar interest. I don't much like to have have certification that is for a specific product (and version!).

IMHO, SOA itself, as a priciple, is not tied to any technology/product/platform. And also, when i look at the test 665 objectives, they cover all the aspects of a SOA effort and I think it will really be a learning experience. So, I am going for it!

But, we probably have to accept that it is IBM's cert, so there will be objectives related to their products. I think this is how we can appreciate the different products strengths/weaknesses.

I also saw BEA's , but they are still working on the final Phase or something.

This is my $0.02.

Guys who already have this certification may have better comments.
Hi Ravi,

Can i have the pdfs for SW717 & SW719 please? I already have SW718 but not these.

I have started preparing for this. Any other advice is also greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.
Hello All,

can someone share the sw719 pdfs, i have the sw718 but not the sw719!

BTW, what about the SW717, has anyone tried this? is it useful (for the certification)?

Thanks a lot.
Has anyone tried Craig Larman's "Applying UML and Patterns Training Course: A Destop Seminar" ?
I am really !
I would like to buy if it is really worth. Please throw in your comments. Thanks.
Thanks Christophe. I am not sure this is how a parser is created.

But I dont seem to find the method you mentioned in this (DocumentBuilder) class. Please enlighten me.
Thanks a lot.
I have a XML which has an external DTD. I want my parser (Sun's JAXP) to ignore the checking against this DTD. How can I do this?
I would appreciate it if anyone can let me know.
Hi ,
Can somebody tell me if the following versions are tested in SCEA:
EJB - 1.1
JMS - 1.0.7
J2EE - 1.? (i don't know)
Security in Java 1.2
As these technologies have matured now, i wonder when Sun will update the syllabus for SCEA.
Has anyone explored this?
I appreciate any suggestions/responses.

I would like to share with you what we went through when we wanted to use Design Patterns in our project. Some of our team members were not enthusiastic about that. So we thought we should let them appreciate it by giving a talk or something. We started with the users (who are not end users, by the way). Once the users were keen on that, then our team members also started appreciating.
We have completed the project now and everyone is interested to use it in our upcoming projects.
When a name value pair is sent to the Resource (JSP, HTML, Servlet) through HTTP it is visible to the resource only. You can send this value as a parameter to method or a property to a JavaBean
22 years ago
HttpSessionBindingListener is an Interface which needs to be implmented by classes of those objects who want to be notified when a session object is created/removed.
Simply, we can write code that gets executed whenever those objects are put/removed into/from session.
As for passing info about the user to subsequent JSP pages, you can use the session mechanism to remember between pages.
22 years ago
In a J2EE environment, LDAP and Database are commonly used. I wonder about the integrity of data in one or the other. (like the referential integrity of one entity in database needs LDAP data)
I appriciate it if anyone can share their experiences if any.
Let me answer one by one.
1) APIs are classes/interfaces that we use to program something.
For example if you want to write Applet you would use Swing APIs, and if you want to make your code secure you would use Security APIs. These APIS contain classes/interfaces specific to a Domain. So choose a API that is existing or write your own.
2) Legacy means whatever is existing. Let us say you start a new project, if this project uses/communicates with existing code/database/files/system then we can say this existing code as legacy code.
3) If you see the output of compilation, sometimes you get Depricated API warning. This means that in your code you are using a class/interface/method/attribute which is no longer supported by the API provider. (this is how they discourage the use of an API)
23 years ago
Remember the argument to main method is an array of Strings. When you try print an array as such, that is output you get. (it calls Object's toString())
If you want to print all entries try printing them one by one:
for(int i=0;i<args.length;i++)>
23 years ago