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Recent posts by geetha nagarajan

I cleared my SCJP2 in july ,this year.I have no work experience( java).I would like to appear for SCWCD.
1.How can i get started with the preparation?
2.Is real time work experience ,esssential for the exam?
3.Is there any one around,who has cleared this exam,without any realtime work experience?If so,can u pl.outline your preparation path?
The answers to these questions,will really help me plan.
Thanks in advance.
Congrats ,good score.!!!
21 years ago
Good score.
21 years ago
21 years ago
Cleared the exam today with 83%.
Thanks to javaranch and JQplus.
I have no programming experience and haven't attended any java course.
It took me 1.5 months(full time) to prepare for the exam.Used RHE and Mughal as reference.
Took all the mock exams ,listed in this site and all the tests in JQplus.Took valentin's exam,2 days before my SCJP exam,got 53% in that.
I should say my SCJP score is comparable to the average in Marcus green exams and higher than the JQplus average.
In my opinion,the SCJP exam is not difficult ,and can be cleared with a good score,if we approach it in the right away.
So,the key is to,take as many mocks as possible and do a little bit of coding ,to understand the concept well.
All the best for ,all those planning to take the exam in the future.
21 years ago
This question is from one of the mock exams :
From the following code how many objects are eligible for garbage collection?
String string1 = "Test";
String string2 = "Today";
string1 = null;
string1 = string2;
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 0

The answer is given as 1.
I thought it would be 0,as strings created in this code are literals.
Am i right?Pl.clarify.
Is there some tips for solving such GC related questions?
Thanks in advance.
Congrats,Good score.
21 years ago
Good job,huanyu.
21 years ago
What will happen when this code is compiled and run? JQPlus,the answer is the code won't compile.
I tried the above code ,it compiles and runs printing : nullnull

In this case,it gives a compiler error ,as it's an ambiguous reference : bcos println() can take both char[] & String as parameters.
Could someone clarify these 2 cases ?
Thanks in advance.
Thanks for ur replies.
Read it as "can't be " ,from the book and got confused.
Got it now.
Can transient modifier be specified for a static variable? mughal,transient modifier should not be specified to a static variable,as they don't belong to a class.
I did write a code using both modifiers and it compiles and runs without any problem.
Iam a little confused,pl.clarify.
To Amir,
Yes, && is short-circuited and not &.
Both operands r evaluated in case of &.