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Recent posts by Ricardo Morais

Hey Folks,

How are you doing: I hope everything is fine.
The client asked meto work with WebLogic resources since they payed for it, so I started to study how I could integrate application log with WebLogic Admin Console.
In Fact, I saw that we could have a Message Catalog or a NonCatalog but it was not so clear to me.

When calling the NonCatalog, why does it appear in Console (Prompt DOS) and does not apper in Diagnostic/Log Files/ServerLog?

Is is possible to create one option there for application?

The WebLogic documentation helped me to understand the concepts but not how to implement.

Thanks in advance.
14 years ago
I think it is enough.

The version 5 of test focus on applicable solutions, not only on memorizing APIs.

I think you can use this book, the Dynamic Attribute tutorial that exists here and also the mock exams.

If you could get the mock exam from the HFJS 5, it would be great. It seems to have more questions on solutions than on memorizing APIs.

Hi Everybody,

I would like to thank everybody that helped me in this achievement.
I answered 60 question correctly of 69.

Thanks a lot,
Hi Folks,

I am studying for SCWCD and a question about Custom tags came to my mind.
It is related to question 17 of the exercises of chapter 10.
The keys states that letter D is incorrect but I think it is correct, since my:complexTag is a Classic Tag and a classic tag accepts JSP as a body content value.

17. Given a tag, simpleTag, whose handler is implemented using the Simple tag model and a tag, complexTag, whose handler is implemented using the Classic tag model. Both tags are declared to be non-empty and non-tag dependente in the TLD.
Which JSP code snippets are valid uses of these tag?

D. <my:simpleTag>
<% i++; %>

Why is it incorrect?

Thanks in advance.