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Recent posts by Justin Rundle

Hi there,

If you want answers pertaining to OCJP then post your questions here:

This is the results forum.
10 years ago
Hi there,

Just wanted to share with you all that I passed the Oracle Certified Developer for Java Web Services (OCDJWS) 310-230 exam today.

I have over 8 years of working experience which include about 2 years of solid web service development and/or architecture, so majority of my preparation I relied on my experience. Additionally I took about 4 weeks of preparation and I read through Ivans' notes and used the BeITCertified Self Test exam.

Good luck to everyone else attempting this exam.
10 years ago

Abimaran Kugathasan wrote:

Justin Rundle wrote:I am in the right forum and I was responding to the post and I did choose the right tags... why dont you read the whole thread first before posting you reply...

Addressed to Kavitha....

I am in the right forum and I was responding to the post and I did choose the right tags... why dont you read the whole thread first before posting you reply...
What Jim is trying to say is that instead of running:

Should you not be running this instead:

Typo... or copy/paste error?
So in the example does the Faces Servlet parse the "showcase.jsf" into "showcase.xhtml"?

And more so what if your file didnt end in *.xhtml?
11 years ago
Hi there, quick newbie question. I recently downloaded the ICEFaces 2.0.0 alpha distributions and was looking at the example apps. Some of the files are as follows:



So my questions is that when we start the app and navigate to the app, the app will automatically redirect to index.jsp (as defined in the web.xml welcome-file-list) and then the index.jsp page will redirect to showcase.jsf. HOWEVER there is no showcase.jsf file within the project, only showcase.xhtml.


How does the facelets view handler know to map files with *.jsf extension to *.xhtml files?

Thanks, any feedback will be appreciated.
11 years ago
This solution does work but for a better understanding for myself why does this fix the issue and what causes this issue?
11 years ago
I know this post doesnt have much to do with the Spring framework but wanted to get some feedback from fellow developers as this must be a common problem.

Furthermore I using Spring for integration testing purposes where Im testing business methods expose by a service layer. More so the problem I have is that part of the integration testing is to create/mock domain models/objects used by the services ie.:

Two problems im facing:
1. If I use EasyMock as above ALL my domain models that I want to mock have to be interfaces of which currently no domain models are as to me this is an extreme case of too many interfaces especially as all my models are hibernate specific. Find below an outline of the Client model:

2. Im trying to replicate an invocation to the "getPrimaryId()" method of which is causing an issue when I mock the Client.class using either Mockito and EasyMock as the getPrimaryId() method is used in the "equals()" method in the domain model. This is causing a StackOverflow as both mocking frameworks use the equals method to determine which mock object to evaluation and test against. The equals method is as follow:

Any feedback will be awesome, thanks.

11 years ago
Hi Ulf,

Thank-you for the prompt response, more so in Tomcat5.5/conf/web.xml I have following mapping already included:

Any further ideas...?
11 years ago
Hi there,

After much deliberation I cannot find the anwser to why jspx pages are not rendered when using Tomcat 5.5 but are rendered properly on Tomcat 6.0.

I mocked a quick test page called test.jspx and test.jsp:

The "test.jsp" displays the text "Test", while the "text.jspx" renders as an xml file...?!

Any feedback would be great!
11 years ago
Thanks for the response but what I'm looking for is feedback between Tomcat vs OC4J (the Orcale application server).
Hi Kri,

Which is best approach (Agile or waterfall or Agile+waterfall)?

Well this is open ended, but for me this depends on the struture of the development team and the nature of the project. For example if you have a distributed development where a few developers are assigned to local offices and other developers assigned to remote offices (client's premises) then I've found a Waterfall approach is best suited as there is less back and forth banter and all requirements are defined upfront. However Agile approaches provide higher productivity in terms of delivery of projects and Agile also supports the ability for clients to back changes to the requirements late within the development phase.

More so I have found Agile to be at best when developing an application that already exists and the constant enhancements and changes are made.