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Recent posts by Michael Grossenbacher

Hi Jason

I am not sure about it, but I start my registry within my server class like this:

java.rmi.registry.Registry registry = LocateRegistry.createRegistry(rmiPort);
registry.rebind("YourService", new YourServiceImpl());

It is not explicitely written in the instructions, but when you only are allowed to run your application with the arguments "server" or "client" (or without argument) then how would you start your registry in your submission?

have a nice day,
Hi Mostafa Radwan

I've mailt them the exact same question, and this was coming back:

Hi Michael,

You can try to submit the assignment in the next few days

Please send your SCJD assignment to us at this email address developer-submit_US@oracle.com. The team will decide to process it or we will inform you the further action to be taken.

Please be sure that you include your Prometric Testing ID/ Candidate ID when you send your assignment.

Oracle Certification Program

Good luck with your assignment!

Hi Pete

I think you misunderstood something. The "Start of file" section and the "Schema description section" is the header of the file and will not be repeated foreach record. After the header will be only the "naked" records without size-bytes.

That means, that every record has a pre-record indicator if this record is deleted or is valid. Keep in mind, that these 2 bytes are also counted to the record length.

I understood the magic cookie in that way, that it is a fixed value which i can check while reading the header. If the cookie is not what I expect, then the database is not corresponding to my databasemodel and therefore will throw an exception while start reading the database.

greetZ Mike
Hi xi brian

Because this field can be empty, it is not applicable as a primary key.

If your specification is nearly similar to mine, then it is only possible to use the position of the record in the database file as the primary key because no other field, or combination of fields would allow to be used as the pk.