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Recent posts by Tim Cooke

I'm running nearly a day behind already as I've just finished day 7. I went straight into building a tree data structure for the directories and files, it's messy but functional.

Haven't even read day 8 yet, but here goes.
11 hours ago
Day 6 fairly straight forward, and I even wrote some unit tests just for you Liutauras.
Ha ha busted!

In my defence, that's the default template code you get when you run the maven generate command. I'm being lazy and haven't tidied up.
I did end up programmatically parsing the input text for day 5, but I do take some delight in text wrangling so quite enjoyed it.
Might not be a bad idea. I just noticed that the stack count and sizes aren't all that large. I had expected there to be loads of really deep stacks making it impractical to do it manually.
Oh boy, now begins the challenge of string parsing. I think I have an idea of how to tackle it, wish me luck.
I very much drop into "stream of consciousness" mode when coding these solutions. Day 4 for me was variables for the upper and lower bounds followed by a largely incomprehensible if this and or that condition.

Looking forward to the days where the immediately obvious solution exceeds space and/or time constraints and requires a bit of proper thinking. I enjoy those ones the most.
Yea so far so good. Early days yet though and plenty of time for the wheels to come off.
Firmly in the comfy seat of Java. I'm just enjoying the ride while it lasts, which if past form is any indicator will be up until about day 15.
You're always welcome on this ranch Martijn
2 weeks ago
I still reckon there's a lot of stuff missing from your description. Perhaps you're using some framework that's generating the API? If so I'd suggest reading the documentation very carefully.

On the face of it though your data structure is an array, where each item is a dictionary. In Java speak that's a List where each item is a Map.
2 weeks ago
My advice would be to follow the data. Start at the code that consumes the HTTP request, inspect that it is as expected, then follow it to the next method call, inspect that it is as expected, repeat until you find where the data is not as expected.
2 weeks ago
There's a lot of code you're not sharing here so it's hard to do any real analysis of what's going on.
2 weeks ago
I don't see an API anywhere. Maybe that's your problem?

Also, lombok, yuk.
2 weeks ago