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Recent posts by Roger Sun

by the way, does the certification have positive impact on your career now?
my opinion, finishing part 1 is just part of SCEA, as long as you choiced to take SCEA, why not finish it completely?
Hi, Tan, thanks for your prompt answer.
Because the exam type is multiple choice, I'm wondering if the question indicates the number of the correct answers so that I can choose the right number?

How many questions about EJB & JPA?
14 years ago

Originally posted by Lakshmi Bujji:
Please tell us what type of questions will be in JSF topic?
do we have to need to read exact syntax and more.
I have read the Models, life cycle, backbing beans, whateer in the J2ee tutorial
is that fair enough?

Many guys said JSF for non-believers In 4 parts are enough, you needn't focus on syntax and programming.
[ May 05, 2008: Message edited by: roger sun ]
The study guide is not enough,
refer to

furthermore, there're many threads in this forum talking about the books, many gurus have given their answers, please search.
What kind of questions about JSF? Are they about coding or just conceptual questions?

Originally posted by Juan Pablo Crossley:
Hi, take a look of this one:

Crossley, your link could be very useful, thanks a lot.
Dear all:
I'm preparing SCEA 5 Part 1, could anybody tell me which points are more important that I should spend more time on? Are they EJB3(Including JPA) and Design Pattern or something else?
What's percentage for each point?

Because there're so many books I need to read, I want to spend the main effort on the most important parts.

It's highly appreciated if anyone could clarify.