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Recent posts by sudipto shekhar

Apologies as I forgot to mention that I am on Java6.

I am using date.before(anotherDate) method to compare two dates.

Moreover, Instant is a class that I could not find. Please let me know what am I missing.
7 years ago
Yes, I figured this out eventually.

What I am trying to achieve here is compare a java.sql.Date to the current system date; if the sql date is before the current system date the check shall return TRUE. But this check becomes TRUE even if the date is equal to current system date (this check should return false).

Any effective way to achieve this?

Kindly suggest.
7 years ago

I have the following code:

The output of Line 1 and Line 2 is :


The expected output of Line 3 is '0' but the output of the code is '-1'. I am not able to figure out the reason.

Please help!
7 years ago

nirjari patel wrote:Can you just give me the steps to change password please ?


Did you check the link posted by German Gonzalez-Morris? It is totally self explanatory! Follow the steps and let us know if there are any issues
9 years ago
There must be some other errors as well. Can you please check the logs once again?
9 years ago
Hi Nirjari, please try starting the server with the script located at ~/Middleware/user_projects/domains/<your-domain-name>/bin/startWebloigic.cmd.

Let us know the results!
9 years ago
Hi Shashank, how are you trying to debug the application that is deployed on WLS?
9 years ago
Hi Sumit, were you able to resolve this issue? Please let us know.. Thanks!!
9 years ago
Hi John,

I am sure you must be aware, but tell us, how do you understand that your weblogic server is up and running?

9 years ago
Ok, my mistake. I should have asked you, what do you mean by your application does not work?

As per your statement, you are redirected to the login page if you try to access any other servlet directly.

It seems more of an application issue and packaging issue than a weblogic issue; unless any other gentlemen has any other point to put forward!
9 years ago
Ok, Sumit, after I see the config file, a few more questions are there which i want to ask.

a. what is the type of application?
b. how are you deploying this applicaiton? and what is the state of the applicaiton that you see in the weblogic console after deployment. please check the same while you are requsting the application.
c. where are you looking for the logs to find any errors?

I can understand that you are not able to hit the application from your browser. Can you try hitting some other page in the applicaiton directly, say a home page by-passing the page that you are hitting to launch the application?
9 years ago
Sumit, is this issue seen with any other applicaiton deployed on multiple managed servers? If you have not tried this, can you check with any sample applicaiton and see if the issue replicates?

In the mean time, please upload the config.xml file so that we can have a look at it?
9 years ago
Hello Rakish,

Welcome to JavaRanch.

To answer your question, can you please do a google on 'deploy sample application weblogic' and let us know the results?

I did one and got this: sample deploy. Also please be a little more specific while you ask questions so that you can get more specific answers while people are trying to help you here.

Keep posting!!
9 years ago

rajats sharma wrote:
i am taking a heap dump and getting this
weblogic.socket.DevPollSocketMuxer using shallow size=40 B and retained size=768.2 MB
weblogic.ejb20.cache.NRUCache using shallow size=112 B and retained size=533.6 MB

Memory Leak Problem

You are running on Solaris, right?

weblogic.socket.DevPollSocketMuxer , I can tell you, these are the muxer threads which listen for incoming/forwarding request.

Give us some more idea about the issue, how did you determine that there is a memory leak problem? Do you get OutOfMemory ? How are you taking the heap dump or heap dump is generated with the java options ? Which tool are you using to analyze the heapdump?

11 years ago

Neha Kulkarni wrote:can any one please reply

It cannot be done, or if otherwise is what you know, please let us too..

keep posting !
11 years ago