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Recent posts by lina ajay

Mark Spritzler wrote: had had similar results before. First to guarantee that it is the far right I use float:right. However, you have to make sure that it is not in a div or section that isn't to the far right. Basically I had float:right for my login buttons, but they were within a div, and that div was not set to float:right, so it ended up to the right of my description in the header, the header was set to 60% width, so to the right of that was near the middle and that div was only about 15%, so even though I had float:right for the button is was to 75%, so I made the parent div take up 40% and now my buttons are to the very right of all screen resolutions.

Hope that helps.


I used float and it works. Thanks
Need to align buttons in HTMLto extreme right in all resolutions. it works in smaller resolutions but when tested in large resolutions the buttons look like they are right in the middle.Please advice. Code as of now

<td id="postButtons" editU" class="button" class="editBar" >  


Bear Bibeault wrote:Where's your code? Where and when do you want this to occur?

whenever there is a hyphen in the account number,the script should remove it .my code:

}else if(bAccount.value.charAt("0") == "*") {
alert("Please enter the correct account number");

document.getElementById('eftUsage').value = "P";
i need to pass an account number in the text area where hyphen in the number shouldn't be passed.e.g 1234_5678

should be passed to datbase as 12345678.. can someone please let me know how to accomplish this.


i tried either way. it still shows an error message??

fred rosenberger wrote:you want "StringBuilder", not "String Builder".

no space.

12 years ago
when i use StringBuilder SB= new String Builder(); I am getting an error message that -- string builder not defined. i have imported java.util.*; is there any other class to be imported to use this.
jvm on my machine is 1.5 version.


Steve Luke wrote:This may be a good place to use RegEx with the String.replaceAll(regex, replacement) method.

Look into the Pattern API and see if you can't find a Pattern that would match:
"4 digits" dash "4 digits" dash "4 digits" dash "4 digits" coming after "cc"

If you aren't familiar with RegEx then your strategy may be:

  • Use a StringBuilder:
  • Copy all the contents of the String before the indexOf("cc") [perhaps + 2 so "cc" appears in the output] into the StringBuilder
  • Append the mask for the credit card number onto the StringBiolder
  • Append all the contents of the String after indexOf("cc") + 2 + length of the credit card number into the StringBuilder
  • Turn the StringBuilder into a String.

  • The API for String and StringBuilder should help.

    12 years ago

    issue :--

    i want to mask the creditcard number which gets displayed in my log files .
    i have a class for creditcard processing which gets the information abt creditcard and writes it to a log file - i have to find the position of the cc in the long string" transaction string" which has details abt user id etc too.
    this is what i have done so far

    int logtranString = transactionString.indexOf("cc");

    can anyone please help me in accomplishing the rest of it.

    thanks a lot
    12 years ago

    Eric Pascarello wrote:Are they on a different netowrk than you? If so, have you tried to access the page when you are not directly connected to it?

    Have you cleared your cache to make sure that you do not have a good version of the page stuck in your temp folders?
    Are their browser settings different than yours? [They might have some things disabled]


    could you please explain what you mean by trying to access the page when i am not directly connected to it.
    I am using a website which displays some tabs on clicking which ,the user is directed to another page . some users who use microsoft vista are complaining they cannot see these tabs as they enter the site. but i am using windows IE 6 and 7 and are able to view this an operating system incompatibility.?
    if nay other information is needed to understand this problem please let me know..thnaks in advance for the help.


    i have a production issue --certain tabs in the screens are not visible in microsoft vista on the site. but it is visible in windows IE6 and 7. is this ajsp setting wihich i may have to adjust with font?please help.
    I am getting a compilation error for the following code
    System.out.print(" Host Name : " + InetAddress.getHostName());

    The message is "The method getHostName from type InetAddress is not static"

    Any ideas how to resolve this.
    12 years ago

    I have been asked to change a link on a sever error page which comes upw hen the server encounters an internal error or misconfiguration.

    iam basically a j2ee developer using RAD . so i don't where to access that page. is it a unix server issue or something that cannot be done through websphere.

    below is some information that comes on error page
    IBM_HTTP_Server/ Apache/2.0.47(UnixServer@port80

    12 years ago
    I am getting an exception while trying to send an email. I am executing it from my local workspace.

    This is the code that I am using

    Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime();
    int rc = 0;
    try {
    Process p = rt.exec(new String[] { "/usr/bin/mail", "-s", Subject, tempmaillist });
    BufferedWriter bw = new BufferedWriter(new OutputStreamWriter(p.getOutputStream()));

    rc = p.exitValue();
    } catch (Exception e) {
    As soon as I execute (in debug mode) Process p = rt.exec(new String[] { "/usr/bin/mail", "-s", Subject, tempmaillist }); an exception is thrown

    CreateProcess: /usr/bin/mail -s "Invalid data. Check the data" error=3

    Can anybody please let me know what the problem could be.
    12 years ago
    i am sorry i meant was a typo.
    thanks for the response

    I want to paste a logo which has been mailed to me in jpg format .but in my program i have to replace it with the existing logo which is in .jif i hava to convert the image from jpg to jif?