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Recent posts by Richard Brown

Manish thanks for the good news. I am yet to see the first person on JavaRanch getting SCJP Upgrade Certification!
Neone out there?
Congratulations. My suggestion will be for XML, diversification is important and XML is needed everywhere.. be it Java project or not.
My 2C only!
19 years ago
Don't Miss Marcus Green ones at
And you'll find few other good ones at javaranch links.
But not much for 1.4 except Dan's, JWhiz Trial version..
All the best
Congrats.. how much did you take for Part 2 and 3?
What next??
HI Sanjay & Ian
Thanks for a great product.
What plans do you have for Part II and III? Do you plan to make a simulator for that?? If yes, by when??
Thanks Nazmul for the information. It looks amazing stuff for SCJP1.4 candidates.
What more can be said than IBM developerworks who has published it.
Do we have more of such detailed articles on various IT Certifications especially SCEA and XML???
Prakash: It all depends how much score you are aiming for?
Today there are many resources for SCWCD. My time there were only handful of them. Still I would suggest the following some good resources, which you must follow:
a.) SCWCD Exam study kit from manning
b.) JavaRanch's Mock Exam at
C.) SCWCDWHiz from htttp://
D.) Anand chawlas mock exam at
If you want more, check out the scwcd links page at
Hope this to be of some use to you.
Best of luck
don't worry.. any scjp version is a pre-rquisiste.
if possible give a call at Sun Education Services. Check out the number at their site.
Hi Ranchers,
I was just thinking and this questions crossed my mind:
How big is the market for Java and related certifications (i'll say all j2ee certifications)?
Also how big is IT Certifications market?
It would be great if someone could point me to any report/survey which answers the above questions.
Thanks in advance.
20 years ago
Do check your week areas. Concentrate on them, you will find lot of good tutorials for all the prescribed topics.
also assume that the ibm's mock exam is different from the actual one. and dont miss the XMLWhiz from whizlabs.
do enough practice for clearing ur fundamentals.
all the best
Thanks pradeep, even i had this doubt. Also thanks for great products by your team.
20 years ago
Hi Tina,
Commercial Mock Exams like JWhiz, Jq+ are not necessary, even Free Mock Exams are not necessary, even no book is necessary but definitely all of these helps you score better. From my experience I will recommend these as I could get 98% in SCJP using Whiz. Though it was not must but i could not have got such a high score.
Best of luck for your exam
Dear Ranchers,
It seems many people are not yet aware of the new thread created for product certifications at
All the best
20 years ago