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kusuma janardhana

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since Jul 06, 2000
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Recent posts by kusuma janardhana

there is no prerequisite to take this exam.
u can take this exam directly.
u need not pass programmer or developer exam to take this exam.
u can verify this fact by visiting sun's site.
good luck.
Hi Friends,
thanks everyone.
the mock tests i took were-
marcus 1,2,3
applied reasoning
majji -3 papers
bill's exam(exam cram author)
and his 19 most frequently missed qns
RHE exam
sun site-sample qns.
for mediatracker, i didnt go thro any book.
even now i dont know what's that "mediatracker" is .actually i got some info about that from the -this discussion group itself.
it came in a multiple choice for me.
u should know only this
---there is a method in "mediatracker" called "waitForId()"-this blocks the calling thread until the method returns---.
only this much was needed to pass the exam. :-)
about sun marketing qns- i didnt go thro that-it was around 20 lines.i didnt want to waste my time reading was like-whether u agree if we sent some info(about sun,sun products) to u in the future,like some mails,e-mails....
ajit, i want to do some project in java which i can put in my resume in addition to certificate ,as i dont have any work experience.can u give me some ideas regarding projects..thanx in advance.
good luck for everyone out there planning to take the exam.
Hi Friends,
Today i passed the exam with 85%.
RHE book is best,it makes u fundamentals clear.Only after reading this book i became confident about concepts in java.
I referred Exam cram also.Its enough if u guys go throu these books just once.
what i realized that,if u just read lots of books ,its no use,until u do some mock,i stress a lot on mock tests,where we are going to apply the concepts which we had learnt in books.Do the excercises given at the end of each chapter in books.
I took around 8 mock exams.
I was in a delimma whether to take exam or postpone it.I'm very thankful this site-discussion group.i use to visit this site everyday ,and read others experiences.I recomend everyone to vistit this site and learn from other's experiences.
Dont worry about the score u get in mock tests.
I got qns on -mediatracker,waitforid(),socket.
one qn on string had used the method-append().as far as i know it should be used with only stringbuffer.
I got 6-8 qns -where u have to type.I got really confused as to whether i should use double quotes for string..?!They have not specified properly.
my first 2 qns were about sun marketing.i just clicked-i agree.i was prepared for those qns(thanks to javaranch).
I got lot of qns related to strings.
1 qn on collection api.
1 on gridbaglayout.(should know what each field does)
2-3 on i/o
very few qns on -awt package.i was expecting a lot.
I actually badly needed to put this on my,i took the exam in a hurry.Now,i'm planning to concentrate on servlets,JSP and EJB.I have to become clear about jdbc,rmi,n/w prog...
can anyone pass the link to mindq?
can anyone give me the link to kahild's mock exam..?
Could any one tell me what's this -RHE?
in a package,only one class can be public.and that class name is used to name the,...i think 'a' is also correct.what do u say?
23 years ago