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Moreover there's probably no programming language which fits perfectly for all kind of programming tasks or problems.

Good point Marco.

I am using Groovy. It came about this way. I developed some Java code that processes financial transactions. The users said "that's great, but we don't want to run it from the command line, we want a browser interface". Damn. Developing web apps is so time consuming! I really did not want to grapple with Spring + Hibernate + Ajax + etc. etc. so looked for some frameworks that make web development easy.

Groovy and Grails has worked very well for me. The grails framework provides a very simple web programming by convention approach. Groovy keeps the controller code simple (although I can use Java when I want to). The controller logic is very thin, so the Groovy code in the controller calls out to Java code to perform the actual real (value-added) work.

The groovy/grails solution has worked very well for my particular case (in this instance).

Pick the "tool" you are most comfortable with to solve your particular problem.
12 years ago
This may be interesting to you...

Main paper:

Distributed result set iterator: a design pattern for efficient retrieval of large result sets from remote data sources

and its supplement (at bottom of page):

Sorting non-key fields in the distributed result set iterator pattern