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Recent posts by Jorge Bendahan

I've been reading a lot about how js is so powerful. I use it only for client side validation, so what am I missing? What other uses can you give to js
Hi all, I have an object "A" than contains a Collection of objects "B" and a collection of objects "C". Every time i merge an atribute of A, i noticed that the persistence provider creates a lots of select statements, it´s getting really slow. I have tried the following:

Change from this

to this

but i cannot tell the difference.
the server's admin solved the issue, i've gotta ask him how did he do it.
14 years ago
I can succesfully deploy this app in my pc with wl 10.3, but when i want to deploy it on a server with the same version 10.3 , i got the following error:

The object that you were viewing has been deleted, either by you or another user. Please make another selection.

I copy the EAR file using webdav in windows into a remote file server but the file is there, i've tryed a million times and it's not working.. always the same error.
14 years ago
Like Jeanne said, you cant just go and code the app. You have to do:
a- Figure out what the client needs
b- Design a solution
c- Implement the solution
d- Test it!

In the design you want to specify the classes and how they interact with each other, like in the case of java ee, how the ejb will interact with the presentation layer, etc. What technologies will you use for each layer. i.e JSF for presentation, EJB for bussiness logic and persistence.
This is a long road, you can read books like: core jsf, ejb in action and design patterns, but i'm finding out that only practice can make you understand the big picture.
Hi Jaikiran, thanks for the reply. I Posted bad code, forget about the previous examples. This is what i want to do:

So from another class i can do something like this
But it doesnt work. I think i need to "tell" the UserTransaction instance that the insert is inside the transaction. Am i right? or is it something else??
Hi all, i'm a noob in ejb in general, i'm trying to use transactions. I have the following code:
But in the end, the transaction is not working, i mean, the insert works, but it's not an atomic transaction.
Hi all, i use eclipselink as persistence provider and oracle 10g as my database and a ejb.jar containing my ejb entities, i spend a lot of time debugging to see what goes wrong with my queries, i would be a lot more eficient to have like a query analizer or workbench, so it would allow you to enter the query in ejbql and give you back the objects or result set. Are you using some tools like that?, are they easy to configure?, Thanks.
Hi all, I have the following hierarchy.

ProcessDAOLocal and ProcessDAORemote both extends ProcessDAO(theyre both empty, dont declare any method)
and one implementation class ProcessDAOBean wich implements the method: getProcessEjecucionAutomatica()

And i want to do the following:


but getProcessEjecucionAutomatica() never gets executed, when i debug the app and put a breakpoint inside the getProcessEjecucionAutomatica() method it never gets there, pDao is not null, but the result of pDao.getProcessEjecucionAutomatica() is null and should return a List.
14 years ago
1. The best way to do it is thru a accessor method


2. I suppose you can also declare your variable as public, But this is NOT a good practice.

14 years ago
i'm in the same position as you, i ordered Core JSF, it seems to be the best book available in the subject. also try some tutorials from's visual jsf framework) but they're pretty straightforward.
14 years ago
I never want to work again with visual jsf , Here is my problem: I have 2 pages, Client and Client_update. In the Client page, when I select a client from a table the selected client get's stored in the sessionBean and it gets redirected to Client_update and all the client attributes are displayed in this new page, the user can change some of these values and finally press a button to save those changes, but when i debbug, the fields always contain empty values. i noticed that the pre-render method get's called several times, so i setted up a flag to get the values only once, but still it doesnt work, what can i do?
14 years ago
i've tried with FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().renderResponse(); , but it doesn't work. i just want to enable/disable input on a textfield using a checkbox.
14 years ago