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since Jul 17, 2001
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Recent posts by sun_guoqiao

Dear all:
I am using mySQL to store some Chinese character, which is submitted from html form. My problem is:
When I use <meta http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> in jsp file, the Chinese character can be saved into database correctly and also can be retrieved and displayed correctly later time.
When I added <%@ page contentType='text/html; charset=utf-8' %> into the jsp file, the Chinese character cannot be saved and displayed correctly.
Can anyone kindly give me some hint why? Thx.

I need to use <%@ page contentType='text/html; charset=utf-8' %> in the jsp file in order to display i18n properties file content.
Thanks for your time!
18 years ago
But with CMP, the performance seemed not so satisfactory. So I have to write my own finder method in the CMP class. :-)
Anybody else got better idea?

Originally posted by Karl Laird:
Biggest advantage of CMP over BMP is that the continer handles the transactional control aspects and also issues relating to caching of information, retrieval of db / data store information and concurrency problems.
BMP is more flexible but requires the programmer to explicitly control all of the above, which limits portability and also increases maintenance requirements

It seemed the clause:

int strictfp = 10;

will not compile wherever we put in the programme.

Originally posted by Khurram Fakhar:
hey , where are u writing this declaration ?
i mean which part of the body ............


Hi, everyone:
Please tell why strictfp is reserved keyword.
For example:

int strictfp = 10; will not compile with the error message:
test/ [31:1] Variable or method name expected
int strictfp = 10;
1 error
Thanks in advance.