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Recent posts by Mahesh G P

The simple below code reports 'The local variable str may not have been initalized even though I do a Null check.

String str;
try {
str = new String("Hello");
finally {
if (str != null)

My query is "If variable is not initiazlied won't it be null"?
8 years ago
Is anyone preparing for Oracle Certified, Java Persistence API Developer (1Z0-898) ?

Appreciate any help about book, study material etc...
Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 Java Persistence API Developer Certified Expert (CX-310-094). Is this a Beta? Can you please let me know, I dont want to get certified for Beta version?

Look at this notice. Not sure whether they say it's nolonger required.

Vlad Zhu wrote:Does this still apply? The only way is to take a course?

10 years ago

EJB is standard, means rules are developed before the jar and specifications are available for discussion before the code. With EJB, you won't be locked to any particular vendor / platform.

Asha Latha wrote:Hi

Could anyone please clear my doubt. i am newbie to Spring and EJB 3.0.

I read somewhere about Spring as "The Spring Framework is criticized by some as not being standards compliant".

What does "non-standard open source framework" means?? what are disadvantages of it ??

I know it means not following Specifications. could anyone elaborate on this??

Thanks in advance

This problem is resolved for me when i have changed from cglib jar 2.2 to 2.1.