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Recent posts by Alejandro Sandoval

well i got the B&S assignment, the details of my score are:

General Considerations (maximum = 100): 90
Documentation (maximum = 70): 70
O-O Design (maximum = 30): 30
GUI (maximum = 40): 28
Locking (maximum = 80): 80
Data store (maximum = 40): 40
Network server (maximum = 40): 30

i found the Andrew Monkhouse book very helpful, i used the MVC pattern for the GUI, RMI for networking, (a remote factory pattern), i used a Facade pattern for the class. (just like the book).

i spend about three months (spare time) developing the assignment and after i made the essay it took five week to get results from SUN.

i wish you luck in your assignment.
15 years ago
Finally I got results for SCJD, i passed with a grade of 368 points, I'm very happy, and i just want to thanks all the people at JavaRanch for all the help I receive in the SCJD forum.

15 years ago

I took the essay one month ago, and i'm still waiting for results, hope it does not take to much longer.
15 years ago
HI guys.

I�m a little confused with the requirements of the find() method, it says �Returns an array of record numbers that match the specified criteria. Field n in the database file is described by criteria[n]. A null value in criteria[n] matches any field value. A non-null value in criteria[n] matches any field value that begins with criteria[n]. (For example, "Fred" matches "Fred" or "Freddy".)�

It means that if there is a null value in the criteria all records will be return? Because a null value matches any field value:

Criteria = {�Fred�, null, null, null, null, null} returns all records because of the nulls or it just returns records that starts with �Fred�?
My assignment says �It must allow the user to search the data for all records, or for records where the name and/or location fields exactly match values specified by the user.� I have searched in this forum and found great explanations about the second part of this sentence, but my doubt is in the first part, does it mean that the user may retrieve all records? I mean I have to put some button that the user presses for getting all the records?
Hi guys, i just want to say that i did exactly as Roberto told us, and it worked, i called SUN and they asked me for some data, after i send it to them, they send me an email with instructions of how to download the assignment.

I'm in the same situation as you are guys, i have a sun voucher and i want to download the SCJD assignment.

i found this on suns's web site

it says that in the certmanager you can do among other things
. Download/upload Sun Certified Java Developer/Architect assignments.

but i just don't see where can i download the assigment.

if you know how please tell me.