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Recent posts by Harlin Seritt

A few questions for you:

Are you using a GUI like Gnome maybe? or is this from a headless terminal?

How are you opening the shell you're using to run catalina.sh (I have to assume you're using catalina.sh instead of catalina.bat if you're on a Linux server)? Are you calling this from an IDE perhaps?

What is the command exactly you're using to start catalina?

On a Linux system you can use something called nohup to run something in the background and close the tty you're using to call it but that isn't always necessary.
1 year ago
Thanks for that, Jeanne. Not sure how I opened another thread. Surely I clicked the wrong button. Again, thanks for the book recommendation.
5 years ago
Thanks. I do have that one but am wondering if there is something else.
5 years ago
Is there a book that someone could recommend for learning and understanding Spring from a holistic perspective? I have been reading and going through Java The Complete Reference (9th Edition covering Java 8). I am wondering if there is a book out there that is similar to this in scope but for Spring. I would like it to cover as much of the Spring pieces as there are as opposed to just reading about WebMVC only. Thanks for any suggestions.
5 years ago
Looks like I had to build a jar with dependencies with 'mvn' and then put that jar into war/WEB-INF/lib.
7 years ago
Hi Jayesh,

Again, thanks for the link to this tutorial. It's very very helpful.

I do notice that this is more for a JDK of 1.5 and Tomcat of either version 6 or 5.5. I am using JDK 1.7.0_60 and using Tomcat 7.0.55. I have followed all the steps until I'm now at the first run of ant (Deploy the application to Tomcat). My ant version is 1.9.3.

After wrangling a bit, I can get "ant" to run successfully. However, when I run "ant deploy" I get this error:

error: package org.apache.logging.log4j does not exist
[javac] import org.apache.logging.log4j.LogManager;

I also get these other errors:

error: package org.springframework.context does not exist

and so forth.

These packages are added to my maven pom.xml but perhaps they're not being seen by ant. How can I get this to find these packages from the command line when I run "ant"?
7 years ago
Hi Jayesh. I have not. I'll give it a look over. Thanks very much for the suggestion.
7 years ago
Hi Guys,

I'm a Spring noob but I do have a minimal working Spring project with Hibernate functionality. I would also like to add some web functionality to this project. What is involved in getting Spring MVC to work here? Is there a wizard that allows conversion or is it as simple as adding a WEB-INF folder and spring-mvc into my pom.xml and set up some controllers? Just curious.

7 years ago
If you can post a copy of the cronjob entry and some code, I'll be happy to help you out.
10 years ago
You can do something like this in a tight:

String text = "<rdf:RDF

String del1 = "xmlns:";

String newString = text.split(del1)[1].split("=")[0];


But a regular expression would be the way to go.
10 years ago
camelCase -- remember... it is more important that your variables, methods, etc be understandable rather than just brief. The name of methods (verbs really) should be similar to: getSomething or setSomething or doSomething.
10 years ago