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Recent posts by Aditi Gandy

Can we create our own folder for web application and place it where ever we wnat or should it be only wepapp folder with standard directory path?

Please help me?

13 years ago
May i know what is the difference between ArrayList and LinkedList? both are not synchronized !

Please help me
13 years ago
Thank you Anirvan and Paul.

Thanks a lot.

This was asked in one of the interviews. I really didn't know the answer.
13 years ago
Hi all,
Can any one tell me how to prioritize the requests in service method?
Assuming that there are thousands of requests coming to the servlet at the same time, how to prioritize which request to be considered first?
13 years ago

Any one please help me.... :(
13 years ago

Brian Legg wrote:What K West said, and onClick description change the visibility.

I have tried both the suggessions. If I do display "none", it will not display onClick also....

i tried with changing onClick description, it is also not working.....there should be some simple solution for it.....i am not able to figure it.

please help.

Hi ArAsh Dex ,

Thanks for your reply.
I have tried hardcoding rendered="false" for the button. After doing so, button did not display on the browser but, my other buttons for other pages are not working again......same problem.

I thought of implementing your bean code. I am confussed and not able to understand what is the meaning of
-->this.att="Okay".....Okay stands for what??

Can you please help me.... :(
13 years ago
Hi all,
I am developing a left Navigation Panel of a website. In that i have inserted a search buttion, but, now i don't want to keep that button, want to remove it.

Problem is:
When i remove search button, my other navigation control buttons are not working.....It is a very strange problem....I don't know how to solve it. I want to remove my search button and also want my other buttons work normally.

Can any one please help me. I am pasting my code for your reference.


Please help.
13 years ago
Any one Please help me!

Hi, I am developing a collapsable and expandable accordion in my page. I have the complete code, but, by default, i want that accodion to be in closed form. can any one please help me? Only when i click on description, it should open up another <div> to show the description.. can anyone tell me how to do it?


Java Script code

Now comes the .css code

Please help
I am creating a menu UI. I have xml data to describe menu, submenu, subsub menu etc.... I want to extract these menu items and display it on the browser.

On the home page, i need to display only first level menu..Once i click on any first level menu, it should take me to that particular page and display second level menu under first level menu.. how do i do it?

Do i need to use xpath? or do i need to use only xml query? How do i relate second level menu to first level menu ?
my xml structure as follows:

on the browser,(home page), only File and Edit need to displayed. Once i click on file-> it should take me to another page/same page and display second_level menu->New. If i click on New, it should display all the third_level items under NEw. How do i do this? I need only the logic.... I don't want to hardcode anything...everything should be automatic.

Can any one please help me
Thanks Eric.

It is not the case with only event calender, if i click anywhere in the page, tab is getting deselected. I am not using any forms. It is just a html page...
If your answer is the solution, would like to know how do i sotre data in hidden variables where i am not using any form fields.

please help.
I would like to get xpath of each element in xml document.
I have written the code, but the last element's number is
getting incremented where i want that to start from [0].

Can anyone please help me?

My code as follows:

my java program is:

I need to read xml data and put it on the browser. I thought frist i will get xpath of all the elements and get its value calling xpath from my another java program.

Is there any better way to do it ? please suggest me?!

Please help
I am also getting same error. I have copied the sample code. Every thing is working fine except the error mentioned in at the beggining of the program....

Can any one please help me?


Hi, I have a web page with RHS part with tabbed menu and another LHS part=event calendar. There is no link with event calender and tabbed menu except that they both lie on the same page.

My problem is:

As soon as page loads,

1) When I click on default tab first, Nothing will change in the page.(working fine)

2)When I click on any other tab(except default) first, and then move to event calendar or any other control in the page, which ever tab is active is getting deselected.

3) When page loads, if I click on event calendar first, default tab is not getting affected. (it will be active till I click on it or any other tab--working fine)

Don’t know where it is going wrong.
My expectation is:
1) As soon as page loads, I will click on any other tab (tab3)..Then I move to event calendar to see events on next month. Even after clicking event calendar, I want tab3 to be active... how to do it???

Please help.