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Recent posts by Vicky Vijay


I have done the OpenCms setup in tomcat server.

Able to connect to the repository
Able to upload document to the repo

While uploading the same document again, following error occurred

I have checked the Repository information and details are as below,

Please advice to update the document in the repo

Hi All,

i'm newbie to CMIS - Apache chemistry,

while accessing the RepositoryCapabilities i got the below details,

How do i ENABLE the Filing Capabilities ??

Thanks in Advance.
Hi Chandana,

Check the below,

Have you checked the log trace.. ?

Are you able to find the delete query been issued ?

Are you getting any exceptions ?

Try Hibernate flush after the delete statment !
10 years ago
Hi jasmine,

Refer the Example provided in the below link,

Java Mail API

In the Message, you can add your HTML Content.. ie., provide your registration link

Hope this helps you !
10 years ago
Am newbie to IBM BPM,

Can any one provide the information regarding the pre requisite to start working on IBM BPM ?

What are the technologies that an individual should be aware before working on IBM BPM tools ?

and also information about IBM BPM Certification ?

Any help regarding would be really appreciated !!

Thanks for your suggestion.

This was the question posted to me by my manager...

that number are just start index (20)... and end index (35)... of the display list...

There is no logic behind these numbers...
10 years ago

which verion of struts you are using ?

Try using the Struts based tags..

html:form, html:text... etc

10 years ago

I need more of filtering the data at VIEW Level i.e., JSP tags

Is there any JSTL / STRUTS tag to accomplish this kind of scenario ?
10 years ago
Hi ganapathy,

Check this,

Have you specified the form and its action mapping correctly in your struts-config.xml file ?

Post your JSP file for quick response
10 years ago

I'm using struts 1.2,

Let me know, how the below case can be achieved,

Let say,

I have retreived records from the database .. (100 count)

and I need to display records that are available at the index between 20 and 35

How this can be configured/achieved at JSP ?!! instead of handling the list at java code

10 years ago

juanschodiger jha wrote:
I used 4 jsp pages in my application.When users selects some item on jsppage3 and clicks on go button then request will be redirected to jsppage4 but
everything on jsppage4 is getting executed twice.

Can you please let me know the reason why it is getting executed twice.I have all research on this topic still unanswered.

Check whether the form submission from .."jsppage3" happens twice ??!!

For Quicker response, Please post your code
10 years ago