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Recent posts by rahul R khanna


i passed scjp5.0
but with low marks (78%)
i wish to do SCJP6.0
whether i have to write scjp6.0 or upgrade scjp6.0
i am little confused
please someone explain
hi all

can anyone guide me how to prepare for scwcd.
i have K&B for 1.4, is that enough for preparing for 1.5
is that K&B is enough or we have to refer more.
what are all the other things we have to prepare for this exam
and how to prepare for the exam, i can do small programs using servlets
i am a beginner in jsp.
can anyone guide me how to prepare and practice.

main() method of a class can be invoked in another class.
Whenever Main method is called, a Main thread gets started right?
In this case how many threads get started?

class a
static void main(String args[])
public class b
public static void main(String args[])
a.main(new String[10]);

someone expalain this please.

13 years ago
thank you Yaroslav Ashurin.
StringBuilder s = new StringBuilder ("123456789");
S.delete (0,3) replace(1,3,"24"). Delete (4,6)
S.delete (0,3) replace(1,3,). Delete (2,5) insert (1, "24")

for S.delete (0,3) replace(1,3,"24"). Delete (4,6)
output is 4247
for S.delete (0,3) replace(1,3,). Delete (2,5) insert (1, "24")
i dont know how to work with
please any one help me how to find the result

thank you

if i tried to run assert false:false;
its saying
Exception in thread �main� java.lang.AssertionError: true
at Test.main(Test.java:3)

i thought that in simple assert statement the first expression should be a boolean, but here its seems that it should be true, and if our assumption is false then assertionError occurs.

is am right please someone explain.

thank you Amit Ghorpade
dear all

i am preparing for scjp5.0
can anyone tell how the real exam will be?
i go through some mock exams
is that the real exam is also in the same pattern?
i mean whether the questions will come topic vice?
or all the concepts mingled?

i dont know how much i am clear in this question?
but if i know that will be helpful for my preparation?

thank you

with regards