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Recent posts by abinash das

My Project is a web based project with JSP and Servlet Technologies hosted by a JBoss Server.

In my application ,there is a option where user can call a exe run a separate application.
Is there any way in case the System is shut down or App Server is Restarted in that case a stop method should be invoked to
Stop the invoked process and clear certain Files from a location.

Thanks in advance.
12 years ago

I have a scenario like i am submitting a form and to get the response it takes around 4-5 mins.
What i want is how can i display an Intermediate page with one image during the time interval ?
And once the output is constructed properly that Intermediate page should be blocked

thanks in advance.
12 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:That probably has nothing to do with JSP, and all with how those chart images are generated. Are you certain that those images are not generated eventually, and just take a long time to do so?

Ya i am quite sure to generate the images it is not taking much of the time but when i am keeping the object related to the chart in the page which is of very high value makes the image size all total to some time 5 -6 mb,in that case only i am finding issues if i am commenting the portion of the code that keeps the chart object coordinates it is coming properly.
12 years ago
In my application i am setting setting attributes with certain name in my application during error,
for ex in case the issue with the update i am setting

session.setAttribute("somename","Error in Update");
in case issue with delete then

session.setAttribute("somename","Error in Delete");

but what is happening is which ever error comes first it remains throughout the session
Don't know why it is not getting override d ??
12 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:None of this is relevant to the problem at hand. The important thing is whether the page that is returned to the client contains links to those images, whether those links are correct, and whether the images are being requested by the browser (which they should).

server.log is probably the wrong place to look; what you want to find whether the images are getting requested by the browser, and whether the request URLs are correct. Where that information is depends on the server you're using; for Tomcat it would be in the log/access.log file. You may have to enable the access log in the server.xml file.

What was actually happening in my application i am creating some charts which contains some time more than 10,00 points and kept in the jsp page
such that the user can view the coordinates of the points on the charts,when the number of such charts are increasing some charts are not getting displayed
and the page gets hanged .Currently i removed those pints object lying in the jsp page ,so now all the images are coming properly.

but i need the points also on the charts ,to be displayed ,what should i do so the at least the memory management can be done on the jsp page.
and all the charts will come normaly
12 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:I'd say the first step is to find out whether the requests or the images are sent correctly by the browser, and received correctly by the server. The server log files should be helpful in figuring that out, as might a client-side proxy in case the server doesn't receive all the requests.

Actually in my application there is a option for the user to select number of check boxes
based on which images will be generated.
lets say there are 6 check boxes A,B,C,D,E,F

based on the selection chart images are created for each check box around 5 images are getting created.

when user selecting some combination's he is getting the images and with some other combination he is not.
The most interesting thing is there is nothing common in between the two options ,So i am confused like why the same option
works and for some combination and doesn't for some.

For the combination it is not working it comes like a cross symbol,and when
i use show picture option of windows then only the picture is getting displayed.

I checked in the Server.log file also, not able to find any difference as such
12 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:

abinash das wrote:I was thinking in terms of jsp buffer size to display the images.

The images are not part of the JSP, so the buffer size of the JSP is completely irrelevant.

So can you tell me why exactly i am facing such an issue and whats the solution for that ?

I cannot. You should start inspecting the requests that are begin generated to fetch the images from the browser to see if they hold a clue to what is going on. Perhaps HttpFox for Firefox would be able to help.

thanks Bibeault,i found it true when i used a HttpRequest analyzer for the request in
internet explorer that all request are being served separately.

during my analysis i am not able to find much of the differences .
can you tell me in this particular scenario which attribute are the key differentiators.

12 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:This will have nothing whatsoever to do with the buffer size of your JSP. The images aren't being served along with the JSP; they are each fetched using their own request when the HTML hits the browser.

Thanks Bibeault ,

I was thinking in terms of jsp buffer size to display the images.
So can you tell me why exactly i am facing such an issue and whats the solution for that ?
12 years ago

I have developed an application where some number of images are getting displayed in a jsp page.

What happens is when the number of images(.jpg) increases to 40 then instead of the images only blank space is coming with border and we have to manually use the
show pictures option to view the image.

I have tried to increase the buffer size also but it's not that effective.

Please suggest some ways to handle such a scenario.

Thanks in advance
12 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:You can register the domain "commonToAll", and point its DNS entries to the public IP address of whichever server your application is running on.

Exactly How should i Register and how to point it to DNS entry.
13 years ago
Hi All,

I am a having one web Application in JBoss server.
To access the Application from the local System we use

http://localhost:8080/AppName and from a remotely connected Sys

I want to give a universal name something like

http://commonToAll:8080/AppName .

Which can be invoked from any location.
User don't have to Specify the IP Address.

Can any body Give some Idea to Proceed in this approach
13 years ago
Hi All,

Actually i am invoking a EXE from a JSP page with the help of Ajax.
But the exe runs for invariable amount of time depending on the inputs.
Some time it takes 5 mins and some time 5 hrs ,But when the request satys in the Servlet for more than 1 hr.
I am getting an error like HTTP erro code 12002.

How to handel it ,Can Any Body help its very urgent.

Thanks in Advance
Actually I am new To Appelts,So If Some Body have a sample Code of an Applet which Uploads Folder
and is Integrated with the Apache Commons will be really Help full.
13 years ago
Thanxs for the link

but it is same as i am using i am using apachec commons only.
But with using browse button to upload files
i cant able to upload Folders .

So, i want help,how can i use an applet at the client side which will communicate with apache commons API
to upload Files.
13 years ago
Do any Body have any sample to proceed forward.

if any Body have please give as soon as possible.
Thanks in Adv.
13 years ago