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Recent posts by Vishwas Gupta

I understand that training is a mandatory requirement for completing the certification. My questions is - Do we get any acknowledgement/certificate for completing the training part? I want to know this because I need to provide some proof of this training to my company.
I cleared SCJP for Java 1.2 in 2002. However, I did not take any Java certifications afterwards. Now I am aiming to go for OCM Enterprise Architect. What path should I follow? Should I upgrade my Core Java certification?
If the stress is on writing "text" data, then getting PrintWriter is only option. So I think you are correct.
Yes, it is available in all the leading book shops.
Another good book is by author Kunal Jaggi. This is also an excellent read.
Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates
Go for couple of books besides lots of online mock exams.

Head First is all time favorite.

A new book by author Kunal Jaggi is also in the market now. I have read 4-5 chapters of this book and I found it excellent.
Hi Tashi,

I don't think there is any reason to be in doubt here. Try to understand it in this way that when you are sending some data, you are POSTing (please don't assume it in absolute terms, because no one stops you submitting a form with the Get method). And when you are simply accessing any resource, it is Get.

Hope it sets the perspective right.

Can someone show me the link to Marc Peabody's notes on design patterns?
I am preparing for the SCWCD exam. I am comfortable using WebLogic 8.1 for deploying JSPs and Servlets. But it has its own deployment descriptors. Though I hope that any application server specific deployment descriptor xml files will be out of the scope of this test, yet I need advice regarding the best suited server for getting the maximum clarity about the behavior of the various deployment descriptor tags. Which server will suit me best?