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Recent posts by Gert-Jan den Besten

It may be a 'dirty hack' but:
If you download Geronimo 2.2.1 from Apache, you'll find a jstl-1.2.jar in the repository/javax/servlet/jstl/1.2 subdirectory. I copied this jarfile into the $CATALINA_HOME/lib directory and a <c:forEach> construct seemed to work fine.
13 years ago
14 years ago
Congrats for passing these two exams.

Viral Gohel wrote:Please provide some tips for the SCEA exam.

Please consult the SCEA forum for information regarding the SCEA exams.
And don't forget to check both the SCEA FAQ and SCEA Links pages !

Roman Traze wrote:I just sent an email pra sun reporting this, and also sent a picture attached to my screen that said they were in error to determine whether or not they are evaluating my project.

That seems the appropriate way to go.

Good luck
Sorry to read you didn't pass.

Reading your post I think you should concentrate on:

Roman Traze wrote:Running in "alone" mode, after I chose a db file, the "Accept" button in the Welcome Dialog is disabled."

It seems - while running in "alone" mode - the assessor was offered some kind of filechooser and was not able to select the local database file. Or he could not get to the main screen of your application after choosing the local db-file. Did you test this use-case throuroughly?


Dennis Grimbergen wrote:And now I started looking which exam is next. In the near future I also want to do SCJD and SCWCD. SCJD is just nice because you have to code. How difficult is the SCWCD exam compared to SCJP?

I passed the SCWCD two weeks ago. It was easier than the SCJP 5 exam I took last year. My preparation for the SCWCD mainly consisted of reading HFSJ (2nd edition) and the SCWCD practice exams I bought from Sun. As a developer certification, I guess SCWCD is probably the easiest one to obtain.

BTW, qualifying as an SCJD takes more than coding. You have to design and build a small client-server system. You also have to provide javadocs, user documentation and a text file in which you document your design decisions. After uploading your work you have to take an essay exam which requires you to answer a few questions about your assignment.

14 years ago
Maybe a book like "Java EE 5 Development using GlassFish Application Server" (Packt Publishing) can serve as a nice introduction to Java EE.
Once you've got a basic understanding of the platform, you can continue with a book like "EJB 3 in Action"?
14 years ago

pramod karnani wrote:You may develop your code using any implementation of the Java 2 platform

JDK 5 should do...

pramod karnani wrote:but the submission that you return must have been tested

I don't know about this.

pramod karnani wrote:and shown to work under a production (not development) version of the Sun Microsystems' Java 2 platform and that platform must not have been superseded by a new production version for more than 18 months by the time you make your submission.

I guess this 'shown to work' is up to the assessor, while he/she is testing your work. Your assignment should work fine using JDK 6...

and that platform must not have been superseded by a new production version for more than 18 months by the time you make your submission.

The way I read it, it is a must requirement, but you may get away with it....

pramod karnani wrote:On this 26th Oct 2009 I am giving essay exam.
What should I prepare ?

This thread helped me a lot while preparing for the essay exam.

Good luck
It's true, there is a time limit now. You can read more on this in this thread.

The score is very less.
Is it required to take the exam again.

Sun thinks you've earned your SCWCD certification, so why even bother?
14 years ago