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Recent posts by Ponery Nishad

OR is there any other way/approach to use the DISCONNECTED concept to call the PL/SQL with OUT parameter(s) ?

Problem is with the resultset object. Since it is a CONNECTED one, if I call rs.next() or rs.getString(), it has an overhead to reach db and come.

(As I told earlier, the resultset fetches 2042 rows and 10 columns = 20420)

Now I am trying with another approach using CachedRowSet, which uses DISCONNECTED concepts.

I am using PL/SQL for querying.

In my PL/SQL procedure I have 5 in IN parameters and 2 OUT parameters(which are cursors).

where con is my connection object.

Since I am not able to set the out params, it is giving the below exceptions.

This exception means, code is able to call the PL/SQL.

We have callableStatement.registerOutParameter(<index>,<SQLType>) method in CallableStatement.

What is the similar method using CachedRowSet or how to set the OUT param values using CachedRowSet concept?

Please throw some light on this issue...

Nishad P

Thank you very much for the reply.

Please see the details for your questions.

1) The stored proc itself - how long does the query take?
The procedure excecution is taking hardly 6-7 seconds. (since db contains huge data volume).
2) Bandwidth - are you using all the data that gets returned
Yes. But I felt, its not a problem with bandwidth.

I am using BEA WL 8 in Unix Box with 8GB RAM and 3GHz Processor Speed (also using DataSource and weblogic connection pool) and Oracle DB is located in Remote Machine.

I found the problem is in the above code snippet I mentioned.

Please find the code with the execution time it has taken

This code block took 2 mins and 53 seconds to complete the iteration.

I would like to know, when we call rs.next()/rs.getString() "Will it hit DB for each call to retrieve the info on resultset object??? "

If yes, please suggest me some other good approach. If no, how to fine tune this code?

Thanks again...

Hi All,

I have a result set object which contains more than 3000 records and 10 columns returned through a callable statement. And I am making an arrayList which contains string[] out of the result set.

The structure is like ...

But it is taking more than 2 mins for the iteration through the java code.

Please find the the code block...

Please help me to fine tune this code so that I can iterate the records fastly.

Thanks in advance...


How can I convert a String value "106.4000" to a double, without loosing the precisions after 4 ?

If I use,

double dbl = Double.parseDouble("106.4000");

I am getting 106.4 only.

But I need the exact string value as double.

So please help me to do this.

Thanks in advance...

Nishad P
15 years ago