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Recent posts by Chad Buie

The post is soo long.....I am scattered all over the place.

1) I want a whole new back-end system

2) The one I have is slow and I would like more control over the code

3) It was developed by someone else and it makes it difficult for me to understand and find out how to manipulate the code to make it do what I want.

4) I found Lucene and it is java based search engine library that give a powerful method to build a unique method of parsing and displaying quick search results.

5.) I want to use Java to search or query the database that the indexer software indexes and display to a page I can have connected with keywords
from advertising accounts.

6.) A gui that users / advertisers log into to manipulate their information and then have it link up where they choose:::

a) user emails
b) customized personal accounts - similar to moving icons around on a desktop except they could be updates to what is in the area, news, weather,
social events, apps, and other things they would sign-up for that "we" would create using java and effectively place people's interest to the people that
seek their attention.

This to me is what I am after, I have a book called "Head First Java" it is an Oreilly Series and I am hopping that after getting through most of the concepts and understanding how classes work I can define what I want in the method construct to acheive these goals, and just use Oracle to enable a powerful signup section (with all the many options for users to select, that would get stored in the database) that effectively keep people in touch with what they want in their lives here in Jacksonville, Florida. Let me know what your thoughts are. I do not care about how hard it is, I have come a long way in my programming since not knowing anything in 2005. The idea came in 2003, but I knew nothing about html and I had my focus in Economics education at the time, but I have more time than ever in the last 2 years to try and get this project complete. Thanks for any input and or leads on what to study and focus on.

16 years ago
Yes, it is a local search engine for Jacksonville, Florida. I bought a sample software from a programmer way back in 2003. It was done on a perl language form. I am finding that there are two things wrong. The speed of the parsing to display quick search results. The data is not in a database, like for example, it has a crawler and the website I had to work hard at finding that were not on google or had poor seo, I gave them endless amount of caching. But it goes to some text file, and the software I guess finds it based on the algorithm of choice (title tags) and it displays results based on how good the title tag (<title></title> were written, however, I looked into that it could be that I am renting out a spot on a server with user request out the-ying-yang and it could be affecting the speed of the search. Nevertheless I want to use java, now that I have found out how powerful it is and use Lucene to develop my indexer, and use a better database system to store the information. I am at the very early stages of just understanding the concept and how to make it work in my application.

So all in all you are right, I was in Borders and a fellow programmer mentioned the words LAMP / Apache Tomcat for Java based applications. He also reccomended I build a simple server computer and install or configure Tomcat to support Java code.

If I wanted to develop user accounts that give users the ability to check email, create a customized search page that displays things that stem from their interest in the Jacksonville, Florida area, would I still need to have a way for advertisers to reference their info when they make an ad or sign-up for an account and then have their products, ideas, and marketing link it to actual users that have similar interest in those services. My goal is to engineer a cheap and cost-effective method for people to communicate at the speed of light, esp when most people are adjusting to gui phones (i-phone, touch and others) to make their lives more efficient. So the connection b/w the databases is developed with Java too??? I just want to make sure I explain myself so you have all the details. I really see a growing demand for better information that is scaled down and faster to connect to.
16 years ago
Hello Fellow newbies, and pros:

I am new the forum and I have been studying and trying to understand Java. I was pointed to Java from my chinese friend, whom said that to develop a user login system to allow users to manipulate what they want in their accounts when they login would be a object oriented programming language like Java. I was wondering do I still use Java to develop email applications to? I am still trying to figure with all the initial sign-up information if I will need to go MySQL or Oracle PL/SQL. ------>

I am developing a local search engine and I wanted to offer users an email, and user login to see more detailed information here in Jacksonville, Florida.

Hopefully I can be pointed in the right direction concerning the user login section and if I will need a complex or simple understanding of Java to develop this application. I have read as far as "inheritance". Thanks for your input!!

16 years ago