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> can i join your sweatshop and learn some Swahili
Absolutely - I assume you want to selflessly volunteer?

> do we go so much out of our way and send people upstairs just to make ourselves happy ?
That's the weird part - 'To make myself happy' was not the outer motivation - there was even a part of me feeling self-conscious and questioning me 'what are you doing?' and reminding me that my wife was waiting at the foodcourt, presumably puzzled at my impulsive egress, and that so many people are looking at me trying to coax that woman down the escalator. So this was just an inner drive - selfless on the surface, but perhaps with it's own inner agenda for making me feel good eventually

> this little beggar girl
It has become common in Bangalore for women beggars carrying a baby in their arms, approaching vehicles stopped at traffic lights. It melts my heart when I see the baby's face, so innocent, so unaware of it's surroundings and circumstances... My dilemma is whether to give alms to these women - where would the money go? are they just using somebody's baby as a prop? I pray to God to sustain these babies, for He brought them into this world.
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17 years ago
My kindness (and love) is universal, mone

My inspiration is Lord Krishna, who in the Bhagavad Gita (Chapter 6, Verse 9) describes the qualities of a balanced personality as (among other things), one who regards with equanimity everyone - well-wishers, friends, foes, the indifferent, the impartial, the envious, the righteous men, and even sinners
17 years ago
I am here all right. I just dwell on matters more austere than drivel, nowadays
20 years ago
Soumya, you were waiting for this, weren't you?
Jim, I agree, the Devanagari script has a kind of unity and flow to it... it does look beautiful. One good thing about all Indian languages is, reading the individual letters reads the whole word. What's the name for this type of language, "phonetic"? Such simplicity eliminates the need for a pronounciation guide industry
20 years ago
Jim's right. Kannadigas (people who speak Kannada) are from Karnataka - the state capital of which is Bangalore.
>By the way, the alphabet is beautiful. It looks like artwork
Thanks! Most of my Western friends are quite surprised at all the swirls and curves
20 years ago
>Or perhaps teach them all the major swear words?
I guess this won't be necessary unless the rancher decides to visit Karnataka, and start a fight in a local bus stand
20 years ago
Dear Kannadiga, I admire your noble intention, but I wonder what would be the motivation for Javaranchers to learn Kannada? Why do you think we should teach them a (Kannada) lesson?
Ofcourse, there are always curious minds, so here are a few good resources:
This site teaches the Kannada alphabet - there's audio, so you can actually hear how the letter sounds. The audio file on the main page reads out the entire alphabet. Click on each letter to go to a description page, where you can hear the letter, and sample words using the letter. Here's the site: Kannada Kali (if the audio file doesn't play on Windows Media Player, use Real Audio).
And this one takes you further, with sample sentences: Learn Kannada.
And here's another link explaining the Kannada alphabet's origin and features: Kannada Alphabet.
That's a good start, don't you think, Mr/Ms Kannadiga?
>Why cant kannada language be used?
See previous post by Nanhesru Ningyake. To put in simple words, the objective in enforcing an English-only rule is to ensure everyone understands what you are saying. Don't you agree?

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20 years ago
My choice would definitely be India. And definitely in my state - Karnataka. There's no other place in the world that's richer in culture, diversity, religious/spiritual heritage, and challenges. By challenges I mean the problems being a "developing" country - illiteracy, lack of infrastructure, corruption...
So what am I doing in the US? Three goals: Get higher education, Get work experience, and make good money. I intend to return to India as soon as my work visa gets over (yes, I've refused green card processing). It's my ambition to help make my town, and my country a better place. Yep, some day...

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20 years ago
>can all of you show me your braindump???thank you
Yikes, that sounds kinda messy... I can almost guess who posted that
20 years ago

Originally posted by Shyam:
U could have made a better attempt to make other posters in this topic learn kannada. Anyway try it atleast now.

Where do you think we should start? With the alphabet? Or perhaps teach them all the major swear words?

NN's new avatar.
20 years ago
I'm just guessing here
> Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's computer.
> Thou shalt not hack a website.
> Thou shalt not eavesdrop on others cordless phone conversations.
> Thou shalt not visit forbidden websites.
> And if you do, Thou shalt delete all cookies.
And here's more suggestions

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20 years ago
>leave the rest of us alone
Leave you all chained in your cave, content with watching shadows on the wall?
Or using a more contemporary idea, could I say, You blue-pill taker! (I mean the one from Matrix, not the one from Pfizer )
20 years ago